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August 14, 2008



Why doesn't EU prostrate before the Muslims and tell them they can do whatever they want? Islamophoebia exists because of what Islam represents in deeds, not because people want to practice it out of sheer fun. Europe has gone mad. Eurobia is here.




They are going very well into their Dhimmitude. It should be complete in a few years.

Philip Lowry

The EU and the UN are the tools of Islam. We can't trust them and we should drive them away for our own good.


Yes. I agree with all comments, but how can Europeans and other rational-minded citizens stop this? Is there any Court that the CoE can be taken to for betraying EU ideals and aspirations? I would be interested in hearing from legal people in the know.

Dave Watkins

The UK has to leave the EU as soon as possible. I look at Holland, Denmark and Sweden and see our future and the future of Europe. This is not a future I want for our island.


I see every day how the people in Europe are almost ordered to kiss the Muslims A$$es... Ive lived in Germany for the past 7 yrs and will soon be returning to America. Ive been draged into court a few times for (personal insulting) those animals, but they are free to say and do almost anything they want to. What a sorry country Germany is becomming... I hate Muslims and am not afraid to let my feelings or voice to be known to those animals!!! Ive watched them steal from stores and the mother or father run out with them, thieving animals! They pick fights with people and after they get beat down their the first to go to the police... One nice thing to note is, they normally dont mess with the Americans or the Brits, we're a bit more agressive than the Germans and dont put up with their crap!


I think the whole thing with Germany is that they are ashamed of their past transgressions when it comes to another Ethnic/Religious group so they are being tolerant.

Tolerence only lasts so long though - so expect Nazism to spread it's ugly head once more in the coming years.

Scottish Knight

All people living in England need to join the English Democrats! A non racist, non right wing political organisation which is determined to re-establish the rights of the English citizen (of any persuasion) and to the rejection of the EU and its dhimmitude PC crap. Check it out on the net and don't forget to sign the 'English claim of right'. Do it now! Stand together against this invasion of our sovereign territory and rights!! God bless England!
I am a Scot with an Indian wife proud to reside in and stand fast for England!!!

Philip Saenz

If all Muslims acted like human beings, there wouldn't be any Islamophobia.


I liked all the articles above 9 to 11.9........I just wonder when their equivalent will be introduced into Saudi Arabia and other muslim countries. I'm not holding my breath, tho'.........


More and more indigenous brits (and perhaps europeans) are beginning to realize the treasonous acts of the EU and the

deceiving western leaders.

So what then ?
Is anyone going to do something against this self-inflicted genocide or are we all going to continue saying the ship is

sinking (by order of the captain) and just salute as we drown ?

Action speaks a million times louder than words - ask a muslim.

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