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August 03, 2008


Philip Saenz

Why don't you British people sue the evil Muslims for propagating their evil faith via the Muslim War Manual, the violent, filthy, Qur'an? The Muslim War Manual, the violent, filthy, Qur'an incites hatred toward non-Muslims. It also incites evil Muslims to cut throats of so-called infidels, and to murder them in different ways.

The Muslim War Manual, the violent, filthy Qur'an should be outlawed. It's far worse than pornograhy. It scares people. Because of its contents, millions of people have died by the sword, bullets, and in more recent times by suicide bombers.

Let's look at some of the contents that the Muslim War Manual, the filthy, violent, Qur'an contains:

1. "Slay the unbelievers wherever you catch them,"(Sura 2 Verse 191). That should give the creeps to anyone. Sue the evil Muslims for propagating hatred and violent death to innocent people.

2. "Fight them until there is no more dissent and religion is that of Allah," (Sura 2 Verse 193). What are you waiting for? Take the evil Muslims, children of Satan/Allah, and the filthy Qur'an to court before they slaughter more of you.

3. "The viliest animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve,"(Sura 8 Verse 55). Are you going to let the children of Satan/Allah, the god of hatred, to get away with that? You are called "vile animals" because you don't believe the way Muslims believe. I say: SUE, SUE, SUE. Sue that the violent, filthy Qur'an be destroyed so that it can no longer incite Muslims to commit untold crimes.

4. "Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers,"(Sura 3 Verse 28). There go again the evil Muslims, spreading more hatred. Sue for dissemination of hatred. That is a hate crime!!!

5. "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers; smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them," (Sura 8 Verse 12). I'm sure your children and many women are scared because of the terror that the filthy, violent Qur'an instills. Sue on account of this fear.

6. "Verily, the unbelievers are najis (unclean)," (Sura 9 Verse 2). I'm not too sure of the verse. Nevertheless, evil Muslims should be sued for insulting you through the Muslim War Manual, the violent, filthy, Qur'an. This is the reason evil Muslims do not want to integrate: you are "unclean." Sue, sue, sue.

7. "The believers fight in Allah's cause; they slay and are slain, kill and are killed,"(Sura 9 Verse 112). Since your lives are always in danger of Muslims who take their evil religion seriously, you should sue and make them cast the filthy, violent, Qur'an, the Muslim War Manual, away into the trash. The court, the judges, if they have balls, should make the evil Muslims burn their hate manuals, the Qur'an.

8."Fight and kill the unbelievers wherever ye find them, take them captives, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stategem in war," (Sura 9 Verse 5). What are you waiting for? The violent, filthy Qur'an, the Muslim War Manual, is perpetually inciting evil Muslims to harm you, AND THEY DO HARM YOU. Sue because you are living in fear!!!!

10. There are ten things that are najis (unclean) in Islam: 1. Urine 2. feces 3. semen 4. dead body 5. blood 6. dogs 7. pigs 8. the sweat of an animal who eats things najis 9. alcoholic beverages 10. Kafir, i.e., any non Muslim. Aren't you Brits insulted at all because you are "unclean" and compared to poop, pigs, urine, and dogs? What are you waiting for? Sue the Muslim War Manual for the insults, fear, and deadly assaults that this violent, filthy, Qur'an disseminates.


I will not say that Satan/Allah should bless you because Satan/Allah is the god of the Muslims, the god of hatred, the god of paedophiles, the god of suicide bombers, the god of cutthroats, the god of polygamy, the god of legalized adultery, the god of death and destruction, the god of legalized prostitution, the god of female genital mutilation, the god of rape of little children. Yes, Muslims are allowed to force little girls as young and eight or nine years old to "marry" old, depraved, Muslim lechers and then the children are raped against their will on the date of the so-called marriage by said depraved, Muslim lechers.


Can we just nail him to a wall? I feel that would be a more...appropriate reparation.


They keep thinking of new ways to get at us. We need to stop letting these people into our countries.


Well, he´ll probably win and be awarded a bunch of money. It IS Britain, for Pete´s sake.


cut his penis.... he do not deserve a right to have anything that can be "A" level..

Hmm.. what about koran? it reminds me of a Adult mass orgy...

Ma Sands

Thank you, 'TheOPINIONATOR' is rarely that I see the ridiculousness written of so clearly. Good job. (I am glad 'Winds of Babylon' picked it up & brought me here.... :)


Sometimes things just seem hopeless, no? How can this Muslim invasion ever be stopped?


He should be thankful he didn't face a firing squad.

Nisse Humanist

Sharia law should punish this devoted Muslim for reading porn. He deserves to forcibly be converted to Atheism, and then he can read all porn of the world.

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