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August 31, 2008


Philip Saenz

Authentic Muslims don't see rape the way civilized people see rape. In some Muslim backward countries, old Muslim lechers are allowed to "marry" little girls as young as eight years even if it's against the child's wish. Then the old lechers rape them on their wedding day. However, people of these Muslim Third World Countries don't see it as rape. The Muslims treat this crime as custom. For them "custom" makes it justifiable. So what civilized people see as rape, most Muslims and a few liberals of the West see it as custom or as a natural act.


I wonder if I killed some Muslims under the banned of Christ I could get away with it with it being by English culture?

Here's hoping!


J/K by the way.

kate b

A good character until now?

and yet he is a liar and a thief as he is an illegal alien, probably using the benefits for BRITISH (whatever their colour) people.

A good piece in the telegraph exposing what those with common sense know already and what the government, teachers, judges let pass; I can see a civil war brewing.


send the assbackward pig back to whatever 3rd world 7th century country he was spawned in.


It pisses me off big time that these assholes gets away with it because of these fifth columnists who are defending these backward hicks whatever they do.


It's not just the culture that he came from. When people migrated to the US years ago, they left behind or assimulated the culture that they left behind into their new lives. I'm sure it use to be true in England. And because of this non-integration, things will happen. And the sad part of this is, even those that are 1st, 2nd and even 34th generation still claim is as "their culture".


here in the good old USA, we consider a person who forces his will upon another, an aggressor. in the fine state of New Jersey, if a person who owns a legal firearm and has a reasonable way of obtaining it, (as one being in your home while a crime is being committed outside), as long as you believe someone's life is being threatened, (rape, assault, murder) you are permitted to stop the crime without being charged with the attacker's death. what makes it even better is if he has accomplises with him, they get charged with murder because they all were committing a criminal act that could have an unfavorable ourtcome. So all you Islamist assholes that think you can come over to America and have the right to force sex upon our women, we have guns and we use them. In the USA, women have rights and we defend their rights.

Philip Saenz

In my state of Texas, a person has the right to kill intruders who enter one's house. About two years ago, a kid, 14 years old, shot a burglar dead just 30 miles from here. Sure, the judge let the kid go free. That's the way it should be.

"And he made you (all the Muslims) heirs of their lands, their houses, and their good, and of a land which ye had not frequented. And Allah has power over all things,"(Sura 33 Verse 27 of the stupid, violent Qur'an, i.e., The Muslim War Manual).

So Muslims, be very careful in my state of Texas. The wicked Qur'an doesn't mean a damn thing to us Texans. Even young kids will shot your arse off if you get cute with us.


Well, we all saw what happened in the uk about ten years ago when a farmer in the east of England shot two intruders in his house, killing one of them.Both had criminal records as long as your arm. The police refused to come to such an isolated area; they'd had a couple of false alarms - cattle setting off burglar alarms.
The poor farmer was recently released from prison after serving about eight years for 'manslaughter,' with no time off as he didn't seem 'repentant.' Just what the hell was he supposed to do ? TWO GUYS PROWLING ROUND YOUR HOUSE AT NIGHT AND YOU'RE IN TROUBLE IF YOU DEFEND YOURSELF IN THE UK.........


well, i guess it sucks to live in the UK. I get a laugh about all the extra driving charges you have to pay if you dare drive into London. Why work, it costs a fortune to drive to work. i also hear you have alot of home invasions because the criminals don't have to fear an armed homeowner. you have let the liberal politicians take over your country and that is why you have the crime and the Islanmists forcing the general population to change instead of assimilating


Well, jrsaint, you never said a truer word. Not only the driving charges to work, but the parking charges at bus, ferry and and train terminals, supermarkets ( can you believe it ? ) and as you say, 'criminals don't fear an armed homeowner,' don't know the half of it; you'd be in trouble if you even defended yourself these days. I knew a cabdriver who was beaten up and robbed by supposed clients. His wife's greatest worry was if he had defended himself; he would have been in trouble and lost his license if he'd hurt anyone. I 'm originally from the UK, ( left in 1981 and returned in 2000 - MORE FOOL ME ! )
Luckily I got out again in 2005. I could see that the decent people in the UK have been entirely emasculated. You shut up and pay taxes. Pay TV license tax tho' you have no say whatever in the prgrams. Pay 30 per cent of your wages in income tax and see services; schools hospitals etc crumbling round about you. Cameras everywhere watching you. Jumped up duffers pretending to be cops. ( Community Service Officers ).I know it's a cliche, but you ARE penalised in the UK for being law abiding, decent and respectable.


On the theme of us in the UK being ripped off by the goverment over taxes :

It seems that the congestion charge isn't enough for the borough of London - now it seems their is to be a pilot plan (which is going Nationwide around 2011) to use the GPS system against drivers. Every car will be fitted with some kind of device which will beam details on how far you drive - for every mile you will be charged £1.50.
So not only do drivers get stung on oil, road tax, car tax, congestion charge, for each fucking mile!


It's to force us to use inefficient, unreliable and expensive public transport.
Now wait a minute, wasn't it deregulated, privatised etc ? Can the politicians have 'an interest' let's say in these new companies ?Surely not, Jerry you evil dirty-minded cynic !!! I'm sure it's only their 'green' credentials........ha, ha, ha.........


The ability to own weapons and defend yourself and your property is what changes 'subjects' into 'citize3ns'.

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