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July 06, 2008



'predominantly Muslim Egypt'. Won't be long at this rate before we read 'predominantly Muslim Britain'. WAKE UP LIB/LAB/COM VOTERS, SHOUT OUT FOR YOUR HOMELAND BEFORE IT IS 'THEIRS'.

Adela Kostea,Chicago,USA

There`s no Britain anymore.....

Adela Kostea,Chicago,USA

Try to go to a muslim country and carry a Bible or a bottle of brandy...
Try to go to a muslim neighbourhood in your own country and carry a Bible,for that matter...
So many brave brits have fought over the years for their beloved country,just to see it now sold down the river by corrupt politicians and mentally sick reporters in the media.
By the time you people wake up,there will be no nation to defend,no country to fight for,no English language,no English culture or tradition...


WHAT THE F***? Muslims can plant their collective lips on my ass! Next thing you know, sniffer dogs will be removed entirely because interfering with a jihad-in-progress "Offends Islam"!

Pedro Gomez

It is amaizing the fact that a religion founded by a camel screwing fool named Muhamad can to this date create such influence. You stupid brits better get a handle on this!


This will not happen in Alabama, nor for that matter in NYC, at least yet, because we here in the good ole USA will be able to watch the entifada unfold in Europe and react accordingly. There is no hope in salvation with the EU. European Gov't have got to wake up, grow a pair and act.

KRC (from Bama)

At least you Brits voted out that jerk traitor mayor Red Ken Livingston.

As they say in Lebanon and Isreal, the desert increases with the spread of islam. But to the lib, politically correct multiculturalism is all that matters.

My I suggest mandatory oaths of loyalty to the crown/state, imposition of seditious speech laws, and the development of an extensive and effective internal intelligence network. Otherwise, you must boot them out now.


The rage dwells in side me, bubbling and fermenting, growing larger and more potent every day. The rage is fed by the actions of muslims and their appeasers. One day I will not be able to contain it any longer. it will explode outwards, and I will make at least a small amount of people regret committing the actions that caused me such anguish.

KRC (from Bama)


Check out this website.

Tell me what you think.


Philip Saenz

Why should "infidels" be surprised that especially male chauvinist Muslims find dogs offensive?
Don't evil Muslims also find Christians, women, pigs, dogs, an ass, and Jews offensive? Well, let's see: Quotes are taken from the filthy Qur'an and historical records of Ialam:

1. "Either a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cuts off a prayer..." (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.0704).
Do you see what I mean? This is from an ahadith, i.e., sayings of the pedophile, child molester, slave owner, camel urine drinker, wife beater Muhammad. Hammy didn't like all the above, so chauvinist Muslim males don't like them either. "Hammy" is an affectionate nickname that I have given to child molester Muhammad. Do you like it?

2. Filthy evil Muslims also don't like camels and slaves, along with women because their rapist, of the child Aisha, Muhammad didn't like them. Hammy raped Aisha when the child was a little less than nine years if you follow the solar calendar. Aisha was still playing with dolls when Hammy ruthlessly got into her little panties.

"Women, slaves and camels are THE SAME, you must seek Allah's refuge from all these..." (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 11.2155). Can't you "infidels" see what's going on? Evil Muslim males are very sensitive about a lot of things.

3. "A black dog is satan; a black dog, or a donkey, or a woman cancels a prayer..." (Sunaan ibn Majah, 2.952) So do you "infidels" now see why women can't pray in a mosque alongside male chauvinist Muslim males? Women are inferior, dogs are inferior, donkeys are inferior, and especially a black dog is anathema. To my way of thinking, these stupid and evil Muslim males should have their dirty arses kicked plenty hard, again, again, and again. Wouldn't it be nice if they had a normal brain?

4. "An ass, a woman and a black dog annuls a prayer," (Sunaan Nasai, 1.753. You see? Only Muslim males are superior to donkeys, women and dogs, especially a black dog.

5. And I might add that all "infidels" are lesser creatures to Muslim males. You see, the Muslim males are the superior race just like the Nazis during Adolph Hitler's era:

"Allah says that (all) unbelievers are worse than cattle and other animals..." (Sura 25 Verse 44 of the filthy Qur'an). Don't forget that dogs are included in "other animals."

Now can you see why the evil Muslims behave the way they do? First, they were trained the way animals are trained to think that way, and also because they have learned to hate dogs, pigs, women, infidels, and other creatures.

P.S. Do you know what's really odd? Muslims don't understand that the satanic cult of Islam is also against them.

KRC (from Bama)


I agree. There are over 109 verses in the quran that either advocate jihad, aggression or terror.

Did you know that if you take the entire GNP of the Arab/isalmic middle east and subtract oil, it does not equal the GNP of little bitty Finland.

Food for thought on the work ethic of the muslim male.


Screw these selfish people already. Do NOT cater to them at all. This is NEVER ending.


The loonie left has turned Britain into a nation of dhimmis. Where is that proud tradition of going to bat for England? Boot out these scoundrel politicians, and bring in the BNP. Ship out the camel jockeys and save Britain from sharia lovers.

Heta Rikala

Polices should use salukis instead German Shepherds.

It would confuse muslims.

(Salukis had dispensation, because they were prized for their hunting skills.)

the great satan

It's getting so bad, I cannot read about anything coming from the UK, vis-a-vis their dealing (appeasing is more apt!) with these muslims crazies, w/out becoming severely ill!
The puppy in the photo; the "party" in Pakistan for the 7/7 bomber (and all w/the permission of the British gov't to allow this murder's cousin to travel to Pakistan!); now this. I fear if this insanity is not stopped within a year, it'll be over in the UK for non-muslims. Get ready for Londonistan and a lifetime of dhimmitude, you Brits. Best change your flag as well; too many "crosses" on it, the muslims will get upset.
Here in the USA, I know we all would rather die as free men/women than living as puppets or slaves to the muslim cult of death.
Thank G-D for the Second Amendment.
Guess it will be America alone, cuz we ain't going to save the European's butts yet again.


Someone mentioned Egypt in a post further up - A Coptic Christian guy I know, from my dealings with him for my job, sent me this e-mail from Egypt about a month ago.
It deals w/so-called "moderate muslims" and "moderate muslim nations."
Read on, and see how "moderate" Egypt is....

"Well, they see everything as Dar al-Islam/Dar al-Harb : Muslims see the world as essentially
divided between Believer and Infidel. It's a multi-generational war, going on since the death of their prophet, the pedophile/criminal MOHAMMAD!
When will it end? When ALL the world becomes Dar al-Islam, part of the global dream of conquest began by a Meccan thief 1400 years ago.
And don't buy the propaganda shown on your TV stations --- remember my friend: THERE ARE NO MODERATE MUSLIMS. NONE!
Only Believers and Infidels.
Even in this day and age, in Cairo, during Friday night prayers, one can hear the cries
of Imams from the Mosques, calling for the killing of Jews and Christians- eerily
followed by the "religious" masses chanting: AMEN!"

This poor guy's family has lived in Egypt for centuries. Now he may have to leave. Shame on the WORLD community for not doing more to help these persecuted, truly innocent people.

Philip Saenz

Indian Tiger, camel jockeys are little children who are exploited by the Muslim elite. The little children can be as young as four years old. Yes, these children race camels on a race track, but are not compensated by the perverted Muslim males. They are sexually abused, severely beaten, and even starved to keep their weight down.

There is no school for these children, also no care, no hospital, no doctors. These children lead a most pathetic life. Sometimes some children, after a bad fall on the track, are trampled by the racing camels. They then are buried the same way that animals are buried, and then forgotten.

Some children were kidnapped; others were sold by their parents to criminal Muslim males. Many die prematurely. It's most pathetic the way these children are exploited. At present there are about 40,000 camel jockey children.


Why are other religions not catered to? The truth is the world is afraid of Islam. Do they really think by "bending over and kissing butt" the bombs will stop? Terrorism will end? Muslims hate all non-Muslim, why, they even hate within their own faith. Their own religious leaders comand them to hate. If the Pope told Catholics to strap bombs on and commit suicide missions, you better believe there'd be billions doing it. Majority of people think God is behind these religious leaders, what a shame. It's Satan that blinds.


I can't really see the Pope ordering Catholics to commit suicide bombings for any reason, nor can I see anyone obeying him if he did. By the way have we heartd of Jewish suicide bombers ? Possibly retaliating for WW2 in Germany ? Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanist, Lamaist etc etc suicide bombers ? Nope. Just one religion seems to supply them.........

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