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July 10, 2008



Every breath this animal takes is an insult to the British people.


Wake up British peoples!!!

Kick this son of a bitch out of your country and LET the people of Jordan do with him whatever they want.

Who gives a rat's ass about this trash?


Now there's a perfect excuse not to pay taxes...


Anyone know where Qatada lives?

John Burt

You clearly DO NOT understand the crap state which Great Britain has become.
It IS now fine to claim benefits for pretty well everything or anything.
It IS OK not to work and live off the taxes of others (has GB become a Muslim State? seems so)
It IS OK to migrate here and claim benefits for kids "back home" without actually contributing anything by way of taxes or even proving that the "kids" exist.

AND/OR never even work and yet still claim benefits. (and I have known those who managed exactly that for 40 years) ALL OK.
And hey I reckon that the major beneficiaries now are Muslims - Bangladeshis in particular - and Muslim is NOT a race so my anger is NOT racist. And hey HOW profligate they are in reproduction!!!

It is NOT OK to object. IF you do then you WILL be prosecuted for a "hate crime"
If you DARE to express negative views on ISLAM then you WILL be prosecuted. And Muslims daily seek to totally entrench that in law.

OK though to criticise Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other religion. And Muslims in particular ARE allowed, legally,to do that.

And hey Hamza, Quatada, Bakri and others are just following the edicts of the Qur'an - steal from the Kuffar and make him weak - so they cannot possibly be dangerous since this is the "Religion of Peace"!!! (but only when the wold is totally Muslim)

Personally? Well, given the choice I WOULD very happily slit the throats of these C**** and save the repatriation cost!!! AND of their massive families
Just give me the addresses and I WILL do it in a caring way for the rest of the population.
I do not give a SHIT whether this scum would be tortured in their country of origin. They ARE scum and deserve all they get.

Do a "Yougov" poll and I reckon you'd find 80% agreeing.
SILLY ME. I just gave the security forces yet another chance to arrest me.
Clearly my English ethnic heritage no longer holds value in England. And WORSE I AM a white, indigenous English, heterosexual male. I NO LONGER HAVE VALUE!!!! OR Equal rights


Your country has turned into a country of wimps.
And appeasers.
How humiliating for you.

James_in Chicago

To John Burt:

I totally understand and agree with you. That scumbag needs to be deported -or- splashed with pigs blood -or- be "argentined".

To Cindy:

While I agree with you, it's not the native Brits that are wimps and appeasers. It's the Brit GOVERNMENT that has dropped the ball.

Call me a redneck. Call me an islamaphobe. That's ok. If muslims feel oppressed and don't like in the west, then they MUST LEAVE.



then i will stand up for mine and say that we arent the poeple you claim us to be all of you.. Never in my entire life have i ever felt the hate you guys feel, that goes to show you guys are capable of being assholes... I respect Christians Jews, Every faith, and non-faith followers, because thats their pesonal beliefs and im not one to point fingers. You shouldnt either, just hate the bastards who are commiting the acts not the entire faith.. However ill defend my religion against this slanderious bull cock. I try hard to redeem our name to show that not all of us are the pricks you percieve us to be by activiely engaging in soup kitches/homeless house building/ etc.. godamn terrorists actin up over there in the name of our religion is godamn stupid and tarnishing who we really are. you guys need stop bitching about how different we are and start notice how similar we are. gues whos also a white heterosexual male? me. but Muslim? OH HOW COULD THAT BE?? maybe i noticed something you guys dont about this faith, and that its a faith based on the principles of individual privacy between god and the individual. Its between me and god. i therefore dont point fingers like a 9 year old ignoramus.

Proud Infidel

To wmehar2:

Can I ask then why is it that you and those of your faith don't do your own housecleaning and get rid of these terrorists who, in your words, tarnish who you really are? Are they not insulting islam by "tarnishing who you really are?" Where's the jihad against them?

On this Abu Qatada:

Shouldn't a lynching be in order.

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