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July 08, 2008


Philip Saenz

Do you think only dogs offend Muslims? Women also offend especially the wild, offensive chauvinist male Muslims.

Jews also offend evil Muslims. Also pigs, horses, monkeys, donkeys, camels, and, of course, all infidels offend evil Muslims. Don't you understand that Muslim male chauvinists belong to the superior race just like the Nazis during Adolph Hitler's era? And since Muslim males belong to the superior race, everything else is beneath them, even their own mothers.

Next time you're walking your pet dog near an evil Muslim male, don't forget that not only does he hate your dog, but also you if you are an infidel.

Let me quote from historical Muslim documents to prove my point:

1. "A prayer(of a male chauvinist Muslim)is annulled by a passing woman, a dog, and a monkey..." (Sahih Bukhari 1.9.490,493,498). Can you now understand why evil Muslims hate dogs and women?

2. "If there is a bad luck in anything, then it is a horse, the abode and the 'WOMAN'..." (Sahih Muslim 26.5528, 5529). Do you now see why women, not even their beautiful mothers, are not allowed to pray with male, chauvinist Muslims?

4. "Women, houses, and horses are evil omens..." (Sahih Bukhari, 7.62.30,31,32). The sons of hatred, the sons of Satan/Allah are merely practicing their religion when they show their hatred toward women.

5. "An ass, a woman and a black dog annuls a prayer..." (Sunaan Nasai 1.753). There's that dog again. Don't forget that almost everything else are anathema to brutal, hateful evil Muslim males, even your own beautiful mothers. Isn't it strange that evil Muslim males were made from flesh of their mothers, and yet they are greater than their mothers? And can you believe that some Muslim women are so brainwashed they, too, believe that evil doctrine of Islam? You explain it to me.

6. "A menstruating woman or a dog annuls a prayer..." (Sunaan Nasai 1.753). There's that dog again. Notice that the dog is equal to a menstruating women. Isn't Islam nice? Don't forget that this was taught by the child molester, pedophile Muhammad. Muhammad is the "prophet" dude who raped little Aisha when the child was a bit less than nine years old. Yes, Hammy spread those little legs and got what he wanted apparently for the greater glory of Islam. Everything Hammy did was always for the greater glory of Islam, and to "please" Satan/Allah.

7. "A black dog is satan; a black dog, or a donkey, or a monkey, or a woman cancels a prayer..." (Sunaan ibn Majah, 2.952). There's that "dog" again. And if the poor dog had the misfortune to be black, then, boy oh boy, it was Satan incarnate. If Hammy said so, then it was so. Right? Don't forget that these quotes from the hadiths are sayings of pedophile Muhammad. Once Hammy taught something, it was just as good as gospel. Hammy kept insisting that he got his material from Satan/Allah. Well, no, he didn't say Satan/Allah. He said Allah. But if you can think, you know that evil proceeds from Satan and not from the God of Love, the God of the Christians and Jews.

9. How about one more quote that contains a dog from Hammy: "Either a dog, an ass, a pig, a Jew, a Magian, and a woman cuts off a prayer..." (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.0704).

Dear parents, copy some of these quotes to use as ammunition when evil Muslims go to public schools to preach about the religion of Islam, which is an evil satanic doctrine. If you don't protect your Christian children from the BS of Islam, who will? Don't forget that Islam was concocted from hell for the express purpose to destroy human beings, even Muslims.

Strange, strange, but even Muslims don't understand that diabolical Islam is also against them. Think about it.


dude im muslim.. and i have a dog... and none of those quotes.. actually exist.. bro. comon man Nasai? Majah? who made up these names.. there nowhere in the koran man comon no ones gonna believe that cock spit. If you actually read my koran and showed me these entries i would covert olol, i dont think you understand what muslim is? lol silly disinformed man. Use what ammunition? somethng made out of ur ass? i dont say that the bible promotes anarchy and chaos.. because its not actually in there.. so think about it. Jews dont offend muslims. there more brethren to us. because if you read the koran the Christians and Jews are People of the booK.. who share abrahamic ethic.. you guys are like brothers and you have the same chance as entering paradise or fire as all muslims equally.. Find a Koran in English and read it if you have the balls.. you wont find any of that shit in there friend. :\

Account Deleted

are'nt the bitches (aka female dogs) already wearing niqabs/hijabs/burqas/jilbabs?

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