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July 01, 2008



These mozzas who complained about the dog being used should really be contacting Saudi Arabia and asking why in the Muslim capital of the world they (those pesky Muslims) dare use trained dogs at the airport....
Ah wait - different rules in a Muslim world to the one you're trying to take over.....


How can having a police dog on a postcard be an oversight? The dog is part of the police force!!
I can't believe Tayside Police have pandered to these Muslims with an apology. This is a Christian country, not an Islamic state. Why do we have to walk about on egg shells all the time for these other religions?
I wonder if a member of a Muslim family were to go missing and a search was to place, would the Muslim family refuse to have a dog take part in the search because they see it as unclean? Doubt it. Double standards for the Muslims as usual...


Muslims have a bad time in the UK as cost of living are high and benefits for large families is low. Conditions in Islamic countries is far worse so how can you expect them to go back to these countries?

Philip Saenz

I don't find dogs offensive at all. I have one dog named Muhammad, and two little kittens also named Muhammad. I used to have pigs, but no more. However, if I ever raise pigs again, they, too, will be named Muhammad.

P.S. I like ham sandwiches.


I have to say I find the above comments, naming the cat,dog and pigs Mohhamed extremely offensive.

What have these poor defenseless animals done to deserve such an insult?


Philip Saenz

Vampire Jack, I'm sorry. I'll rename my dog and kittens something else. I'll go buy a poisonous snake and name it Muhammad. Or maybe a scorpion. Will that be okay?

I'll have to apologize to my pets.

Seymour Paine

What is it about British authorities? What happened to them to make them into terrified, cringing, fools, pathologically frightened of offending Moslems?


They are afraid they might get bombed. You think if a Christian was offended by something they'd do a thing about it? Not a chance. I'd like to put that to the test. I am hoping a Jew comes along and claims some nonsense like this that is just as foolish and is in direct conflict to Islam. What will Britan do? Will they cater to the Jew or the Muslim? Oh my, what a mess that'll be. I can't wait. I hope it happens soon.

The solution is easy. Every time Muslims complain about a dog in any context, replace it with a pig.


Oh dear God. If dogs are such an abhorrent feature of society to someone then they have the free will to leave that society.

Over thousands of years people have left their country of birth to move somewhere they thought would provide something better. They may move for a better climate, economy, religious freedom, health reasons or any one of myriad other reasons. If someone doesn't like dogs being part of British society then leave. If it's not that important then stay and learn to live with it.

My parents moved from post WWII Europe to find somewhere better. They did and I'm so glad to have been born in Australia. I'll be damned before I let my way of life be determined by the minority who moved here and now want to change it. If I was to move to another country I would accept their way of life and laws. I wouldn't try to change it.

Rebel is the most adorable puppy (ok, I admit I'm biased and German Shepherds are my favourite breed) and will hopefully become a wonderful priceless member of the police force. GO REBEL!!!!!


Every time I visit UK, I am offended by the sight of women walking in black ninja outfits (otherwise known as the burqa). Since this non-dress is offensive to non-Muslims, these women should take them off immediately. If the Brits start making such demands repeatedly, the Muslims will get some sense knocked into their empty heads.


How dare you name a snake or scorpion Muhammad! That would be an insult to the animal. The proper use for that name is to call the kitty litter box "The Prophet Muhammad". After all, we all know what both are filled with.


Here we go again.....

I'm assuming Mr. Asif doesn't use Andrex Toilet paper or Dulux paint, that he doesn't own anything purchased from HMV and that he will shortly be writing to the BBC to request they no longer show news clips of HM the Queen and her Corgi's.

I'm also assuming that Mr. Asif is going to campaign to prevent the use of dogs for the Blind, Sniffer & Emergency search dogs

If it wasn't so insanely amusing I'd cry.

It really is time that the British public stopped whinging and putting up with this nonsense and faced up to this double standards mess we have found ourselves in.

I personally have had enough and will no longer vote for any other party than the BNP, in the hope that one day they will gain power and put a well needed end to this madness.


Asif said: 'People who have shops just won't put up the postcard' Does that mean they wont sell dog food which have pictures of Dogs or sell alchohol. Not very likely. In the West dogs are seen as having the qualities desired of a police force Friendly, Loyal and Brave. I'm offended by there offence and ignorance of my culture.


This again, is just as complete bunkum as was the "headscarf hairdresser". I lived in Saudi Arabia for a number of years and had a dog. I never had a hint of trouble. In fact many Arabs said "Beautiful Booby" ( nearest they can get to "puppy" - and no silly schoolboy jokes about boobies - I'm a guy ! )In fact I also knew a number of Saudis who had very well kept dogs.The sheer nonsense taking place in the UK is beyond belief. I can assure you these whiners wouldn't get away with one per cent of the nonsense they try to get away with in the UK if they tried it on like that in their own countries. However as my North of England boss said to everyone in Saudi Arabia," If'n ye don't fookin' well like it ye can fookin'well fook off !" High time we said the same to these guys in the uk.


7/2/2008 (Jerusalem, Israel) - Four people are killed when a Palestinian goes on a violent rampage with a bulldozer.
7/2/2008 (Narathiwat, Thailand) - Islamic gunmen murder a woman shortly after she drops her daughter off at school.
7/1/2008 (Swat, Pakistan) - An elderly woman is among five people shot to death by Islamists in four separate attacks.
7/1/2008 (Mataban, Somalia) - Fifty-three people are killed in a series of ambushes by Islamic militants.
7/1/2008 (Buhriz, Iraq) - Three members of the same family are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
7/1/2008 (Mandali, Iraq) - A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Iraqis to Allah.

Eventually those places will all be places in the UK (and US) if people continue following the "moral code" of Political Correctness. The kindest thing we can do for mankind is banish Islam from the face of the earth.

John Lee Pedimore

Islam dictates that dogs are unclean but it also dictates that they can be used for protection or sport.A police dog is not a pet,it is a working dog used for protection and it's keen sense of smell,therefore there should be no conflict between Islam and that dog in the picture.


the great satan

What's going on in the UK? Every time I read something about this nation and their dealings w/muslims, it's invariably about abject subjugation from within, and meekly submitting to ANY crazy muslim demand! Don't you folks have any pride? Push back, for ONCE!
They don't like dogs? take the dog away, wouldn't want to offend. They don't like Piggy Banks? take Piggy Banks away, etc...
WAKE UP Britons! You think you would be given this sort of reciprocal treatment if you lived in a muslim country??? HAHAHA! They'd chop your bollocks off first. What gets me even more steamed is that these Muslims get offended by a puppy, but not by gruesome videos of beheadings and/or mass murder. I don't see them marching in "Londinistan" (or anywhere else actually) crowing about the latest muslim on muslim violence, or denouncing terrorism. But a puppy?????? OH THAT's BAD! That makes those "sensitive" muslims so hurt.
How much longer will your flag fly the crosses of St George and St Andrew? You know the muslims are coming for that too. As long as you bend over and say "please mr. muslism, stick it in my a.r.s.e" these people will destroy what's left of your nation, your history and your traditions. Again, I say to my UK friends, WAKE UP!


I wonder how long it's going to be before they complain about the police chief's photo.. After all he appears to be a najis thing - kafir...

I'm wondering when people are going to wake up to all this nonsense.

FM Watkins


Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK's top judge

Dr Gabriele Marranci

Dear all,

I find interesting to read both the article and the comments left here above. Many have suggested that of Muslims whom do not like dog should go to Saudi Arabia, without even knowing that Saudis likes dogs!
I find extremely ridiculous, but at the same time concerening, that this trivial piece of news have reached international mass media.
You need to know more about the local situation in Dundee and also to know that nobody within the Muslim community had complained. So, ask yourself, why the apologies from the Police? Was is not a very cleaver move to blame an entire community knowing that people wold have attacked the Muslim community? Are not requested apologies very suspicious (and we have many examples, from Christmas trees at schools to the three pigs story)
you can read more here


Dogs have been part of Scottish and British culture/life for nearly 6000 hunters,guards,herders,companions and even used in battle.The muslim population in the whole of the Tayside region is 0.3%.This was just a game to this counciler,he thought he could force this issue onto the public arena and in turn force a withdrawl of the campaign.I contacted the local police here in Perth and they told me the campaign would continue until all 250 000 postcards were delivered to the public.The lady also informed me that over 760 complaints had been made to the Police via the internet and telephone.They are shocked by the anger of the public and I think that this counciler my think twice before being so ridiculous and idiotic.Like I said he was testing the water by pushing his weight around the police board room.

Another equally important question to be asked is why a muslim counciler is on the police board of Tayside Regional Council in the first place given that 99.07% of the population of Tayside is Christian....yet NO CHRISTIAN REPRESENTATIVE IS ON THE BOARD.This fool has done more harm to his religion and our perception of it than seen in his worst nightmare.THESE FOOLS JUST CANT HELP THEMSELVES....driven by a hatred of everything western yet they still keep coming.Whats next,a complaint about a womans face on a poster because her face is not covered.

GOD BLESS REBEL THE POLICE DOG....who by the way is officially a council employee and a member of the Tayside police force.


Well, Dr Gabriele, I wouldn't quite go as far as saying the Saudis like dogs.........yes, some, including the royal family, do have salukis, a kind of afghan hound, by its appearance. ( Wait a minute, isn't Afghanistan another dog-hating muslim country ???!!! ).OK, I too had a dog, in Riyadh, and had no trouble at all. As you say, this Dundee business may be trivial, and, again, as you say, possibly no actual muslim complained about this ( as has happened before; remember the Midlands clergyman who suggested changing the names of pubs called "The Saracen's Head ?" Also the local authorities who play down Christmas; if I remember rightly in Havant Hants, a muslim shopkeeper complained about the lack of Christmas lights in his shop's street as he said his prospective customers would all go to another area where things felt 'Christmassy........"
However, what cannot be denied is that militant islam, funded from Saudi Arabia for years, is on the increase and is a very valid source for concern indeed. This wahhabism is entirely intolerant of any dissention; it promulgates, like nazism, a 'master race' of wahhabist muslims and nothing else has any place, let alone rights. I have seen Saudi customs men in Riyadh Airport tear up pictures of European cathedrals and churches in front of the carriers. Don't try to bring a Bible or any other religious book into Saudi Arabia. Don't show symbols of any other faith; "multiculturalism" doesn't work there, I'm afraid. In Europe,if muslims want respect, then they have got to show respect for us and for our culture, not pretend they are a mystical "herrenvolk" with the keys to the kingdom, and try to recreate the places they came from.


The above post by G Marranci is a travsty and a lie.The issue was raised at the joint board of Tayside and Perth Police by MUSLIM Labour counciler Asif Muhhamed and I have spoken with someone who was at the meeting and witnessed the converstaion.Asif stated that he was angry that he had not been consulted by the police force prior to the design of the poster and if he had been he would have made it clear that in islam black dogs are regarded as devils and unclean.In the koran there are several pasages urging muslims to kill black dogs if they cross their paths.To date nearly all 250 000 posters/cards have been delivered by the police and the campaign will go on until the end of the summer...therefore and thankfully Asifs' dumb complaint has been ignored.

Asif Muhammed seems to forget that the vast majority{99.07%} of his voters are Christian and regard dogs,black or other wise as faithful companions and in the case of Rebel the police dog...a highly trained and inteligent addition to the campaign against crime.

It is revealing is it not,that in G Marrancis' post he seeks to immediatley draw attention away from a bleating carping muslim and his greif theartre menatlity onto a chistian.Stories of islamic bigotry and racism against Christians and our way of life will continue Marranci because it continuously comes up...EVERY DAY.

Dr  Marranci

Dear Jerry

I see that your reply to my post is very defensive.

I have reported the things as they were, and I am very curious about your 'informant'. I am sure that you are one of those people whom has problems to actually produce evidence to support what they say. So let me try: please provide us with the evidence (which means sura and ayat from the Qur'an) for your statement below or graciously admit your ignorance :

"In the koran there are several pasages urging muslims to kill black dogs if they cross their paths"


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