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July 04, 2008



I'm really not suprised at this - to be honest I would be suprised to find out that children at Kindergarten age "aren't" being brainwashed in our schools into accepting Islam. It's being forced on our children we ALL know that. I've heard lots of stories of 7 year olds coming home from school having "partaken" in Islamic studies against their will.
Let's see what happens if Muslim kids are forced to accept Christ as the Son of God and not just a Prophet of Is-sham.

It's time this ended.


By ANY means necessary.

Philip Saenz

I, too, would never bow to the god of Islam because Allah is synonymous to Satan. That is the reason that for a long time I have conjoined the two names as follows: Satan/Allah.

It doesn't take a genius to see that Islam's god is Satan/Allah. All you have to do is read the filthy Islamic Qur'an to come to this conclusion.

Quotes from the filthy Qur'an: "Be ruthless to the infidels," ((Sura 48 Verse 29). Our God of Love, the God of the Christians and Jews would never teach this. Only the god of Islam Satan/Allah would teach to be ruthless to one's neighbor. Read on:

"Make war on the infidels around you," (Sura 9 Verse 123 and Sura 66 Verse 9). And isn't that evil Muslim teacher making war against helpless little children? You darn right she is!

"Infidels are your sworn enemies," (Sura 4 Verse 101). Make no mistake; that evil Muslim teacher sees you as infidels and as your enemy. She loves Satan/Allah.

"Fight those who believe not Allah nor the Last Day," (Sura 9 Verse 19). That child, teacher, of Satan/Allah is doing her share in fighting against helpless little "infidels." You parents had better do something about it before that evil teacher wins the innocent hearts to adore Satan/Allah.

"Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends," (Sura 5 Verse 61 and Sura 60 Verse 13). Make no mistake; this evil Muslim teacher isn't your friend, but she is the friend of Satan/Allah.

"Never be a helper to the disbeliever," (Sura 28 Verse 26). This evil Muslim teacher is no helper to innocent children, but a great hindrance.

Another evil quote from the filthy Muslim Qur'an: "Kill the disbeliever wherever you find them," (Sura 2 Verse 191). This evil Muslim teacher is killing the souls of these helpless little children. I would say shame on her, but it wouldn't do any good. Evil Muslims have no shame.

"The unbelievers are the worst beasts in the eyes of Allah," (Sura 8 Verse 55 of the filthy Muslim Qur'an). Muslims see you as beasts. They will deny this because the Muslim Taqiyya teaches Muslims that it's okay to lie if it advance their evil Islamic agenda. I have made it a point not to believe haughty Muslims.

Dear Christians, I'm a Catholic, and as a Catholic I'm doing my duty to fight against the filthy Qur'an and against the god of the Muslims, Satan/Allah. When you study the filthy Qur'an as I have studied it, I can see that the author isn't our God of Love, the God of the Christians an Jews. The Qur'an is satanic because it came from Satan/Allah.

I have studied Islam since the children of Satan/Allah flew those planes into the Towers of The World Trade Center. I can now see that Satan/Allah, the god of the Muslims, is the god of cruelty, the god of pain, the god hatred, the god of untimely deaths and vast destruction. Dear Christians, dig in and fight these devils that are surrounding you, and destroying the minds and souls of helpless little Christian children. May the God of Love bless you, and may Satan/Allah go to hell where be belongs.

P.S. In all, there are at least 164 violent passages in the filthy Islamic Qur'an. Thank you.

YB Ibrahim

Prisoners are rioting in a jail in Syria. The BBC reports the cause as being a Koran desecration by Syrian officers. I wonder how many offended Muslems with hurt feelings will be on the streets tomorrow world-wide to call for the overthrow of Bashar Assad?


No, YB Ibrahim, they know a lot better than to demonstrate in their own countries !!! They would get very short shrift indeed !!! However, the case of the schoolboys being punished can hardly be laid at the muslims' was an English school, in England who provokrd this; not a muslim in sight, as far as I can see.


Then again the "multicultural" agenda has gone too far. What's next ? Teach the kids about satanism and have them dancing around a tree at midnight naked and sacrificing black cocks ? After all isn't satanism a religion too ? Don't we all have a right to practise our religion and be respected. Well yes, a just as long as we don't respect ( shudder, shudder ! ) Christianity !

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