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June 30, 2008


Philip Saenz

Britain has to be awfully stupid to hire male Muslims to a capacity of authority, such as a policemen or doctor. Islam hates women. That means that Muslim men also hate women. Women in Islam are second class, super inferior creatures, used as chattel. So Muslim men in a capacity of authority will not help women. Muslim males are a hindrance instead.

Let me show you how Muslim men view women. The following is taken from Islamic documents: "A house, a horse and a woman are evil omen; a mat in a house is better than a barren women," (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.29.3911).

"A black dog is satan; a black dog, or a donkey, or a woman cancels a prayer..."(Sunaan ibn Majah, 2.952).

"Beat your wives if they commit sinful acts; women are captives of their husbands..." (Sunaan ibn Majah, 3.1851).

"A woman is a property; a righteous woman is the best property..." (Sunaan ibn Majah, 3.1855).

So how do you expect male Muslim policemen and male doctors to act? Answer: Run away women will be returned to their ruthless Muslim male masters.

Yes, Islam is diabolically against women, even Muslim women. Islam must be destroyed especially for the sake of women, and little girls, as young as eight or nine years old, that are raped after a forced "marriage" by lecherous old Muslim male animals.

Since women are property of Muslim males, how do you expect them to be treated? The English have become stupid for accepting Islam to a great extent. Believe me, it will never happen in America.


To Philip, it's already happening here in the US. In TX, two muslim girls were shot by their father because they didn't want to wear the head covering and wanted to be like their friends. He's still on the loose and being protected by his fellow male muslims.

Douglas Reed

Either the laws and rules apply to all, or they apply to none. If a doctor, Muslim or not, breaks the rules, then he/she should be warned. If he/she does it again, then they should be fined severely. If they cross the line the third time, they should be removed from service.

A society cannot function with multiple sets of rules.

Philip Saenz

Dawn, I was aware of that case. But that "father" will get the death penalty if or when they catch him. The law is still hunting for that monster. Texas is very severe with murderers. This monster would never get the death penalty in Britain.


lol yes "Asian" women not muslim women


But senior officers admit that despite the horror of such cases they face widespread complacency over the issue among certain police forces.

These complacent officers are vermin. Save yourselves. Drive them out of your country. Islam will never respect human rights. Face it.


England really needs to get its head out of its collective ass. Muslims are ruining your once proud country.


Britain's misguided diversity policy is causing suffering to oppressed Muslim women. Their rights are more important than appeasing the delicate sensibilities of mainstream (ie. male) Muslim society.


>lol yes "Asian" women not muslim women

Right said. Please stop referring to Muslims as "Asians". I'm Asian too (Chinese).


Good for you, Tina ! I was wondering when the Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Nepalese, Thais etc would show they were getting a bit fed up with this mularkey !!!

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