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June 27, 2008



Maybe they should import some sniffer camels just for "Asian no-go zones."

Sharia Law provides for using dogs for hunting and herding. (See Reliance of the Traveler, j17.9). Security dogs are "hunting" bombs and drugs -- so what's the difference?


This is another case of using their religion to grate at the British in every way possible. In fact, Muslims CAN touch dogs as long as they wash themselves thoroughly before praying again, plus dogs are not to live in the house with humans. Touching the dog is NOT haram, but these British Muslims are tweaking the British at every possible turn...and loving the appeasement they get.


May be these Muslims should just move from kaffir lands and go back to their wonderful sharia lands. I hope the proud Brits (if there are any left) will stand up and soundly reject such demands from Muslims.


I'm thinking of writing to the people in charge of the police and recommend that they use sniffer pigs from now on.
Actually I wonder how long before it's illegal for the police to touch muslims as the police are known as pigs in this fine land?


They should have the dogs pay extra attention to Muslim passengers. This would be common sense as the religion of peace-nicks are clearly culpable for most if not all of present day terrorist bombings. If they are so opposed to the use of dogs in detecting explosives they are free to leave the U.K. never having to return are they not? They should be made to get accustomed to our way of doing things not vice versa.

Philip Saenz

Evil Muslims don't like dogs, and I don't like evil Muslims. I do like dogs. I have one named Muhammad.

Their pedophile prophet Muhammad recommended camel pee as a health potion, and he and other Muslims drank it. So what would they have against dogs? I'll never understand evil Muslims.


I live in Nizhny Novgorad, Russia. You may not hear about it on the news, but we have the exact same problems occuring here as well.


No sniffer dogs please, we're muslim!!! What a load of khazee. So the muslim people dont want dogs to sniff them for bombs and other such stuff? Hold on a minute, the only people commiting these terrorist bombing acts are bloody muslims!!!!! I hope to god that the authorities completely ignore this outrageous bollocks.

Lets have a crusade

What another typical load of lying islamic nonsense. I work in Saudi Arabia, where they invented Islam and sharia, and I can assure you that they have sniffer dogs here in the magic kingdom. I see them regularly. They have them at airports and the border crossing between Saudi and Bahrain. They have them at the entrance gates to Aramco in Dhahran near where I live. But the really interesting thing is that the handlers are Saudis which means they are muslim. Would anyone care to share this with the appropriate authority? I believe it is called the Department of Pandering.

Dan Smith

It's just an inferiority complex, dogs are loyal, friendly, people like them and are useful to society. They smell better than muslims too.


If the muslims don't like life in the West then they should GO HOME! Why should we conform to their mores? When I visit their countries I don't demand special treatment, I conform. Why are they so special?


Anyone who doesn't like the rules and customs in the host country should GO THE HELL BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!! If someone finds a foreign society offensive, they shoiuld leave. End of discussion.


A Muslim Should give the dog a bone from his/her spare ribs....and stop ofending the dog without any valid reason


This is a psy-op to depress your minds.
And its working.


I read somewhere that pigs have more sensitive noses than dogs, hence their use by french truffle hunters.

In the interests of continued & peaceful community relations may I suggest the use of 'Sniffer Pigs' instead? This would not doubt reduce the time our 'Friendly' Muslim immigrant population has to be exposed to another animal (Apart from other Muslims I'd add) and hence lessen their exposure to 'Unclean' beasts.

P.S. Interesting how it's only the 'Muslim' population that suddenly appears to be offended by the use of sniffer dogs & X-ray scanners! Got something to hide have they? Ironic isn't it!

Mohammed the Rottweillers owner

My dog decided to convert to Islam recently and drives the neighbours mad with his barking 5 times a day. Yep, he also changed his name from Rover to yeah, you guessed it!

reginald holzclaw

Let the Muslims be offended, I am offended by their being offended. Go home Ali.

Joe Kim

I will say it again as I have said many times before. If you are a minority in a country which you wish to live, you are a guest. It looks like you have over extended your stay. Hop on the bus Gus, you don’t need to discuss much, just drop off the key Sayeed, and get yourself freed.


I believe that the offended could easily be accommodated.

It should be a simple matter to convert a taser to use permanent leads such that one lead could be affixed to, say, the gonads and the other to one ear.

After the application of full power 5-10 times (the first five are for conditioning the subject to supply only truthful answers thus any voluntary answers provided by the subject during the conditioning phase should be discarded) the suspect could confidently be asked if any contraband is hidden in or on his person with the expectation of a truthful answer.

This would eliminate the need to sniff and provide a much more scientific (not to mention fun) way of determining the level of threat.

USA Patriot

Arabs are subhuman filth and must be destroyed before they destroy the west!

Every arab man, woman, and child must be slaughtered straight away with no hesitation. I pray to Jesus for that day and I will weep with rejoice at it's completion.

God bless America and Britain


Hallelujah for rover!!!!!

all canines are CHRISTIANS.

ISLAM cause the public to protect themselves from people believing in a false religion.

copywrite of bible 1459 b.c


you do the math


Whose country is it? Are the English going to donate their nation to Islam? Do you think that Islam is going to let the English keep England English? Not convinced yet? Stay tuned. More news of the Great Shift To Islam will be seen in future years, accompanied by probable multicultural intolerance, and the demise of unnecessary politeness. The only real question is, "Will the government participate sooner than the general populace, or later?"


I keep reading these stories with utter amazement. What in the world is going on in the UK? Have the crazies taken over totally and completely? Where are the protests? The outrage?


They are there because the globalists want them there, to undermine the nations that they are in. A good many Muslims, aliens, etc. are just as dumbed down as the rest of the world. The "leaders" are what is the problem, instead of the masses, which can be whipped up into a fury by their "leaders". This includes both "sides" of the masses. As long as the masses are divided, the elite will continue to win.


How about sniffer PIGS. Doesn't take a lot to offend a muslim. THEY offend me.

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