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June 29, 2008



Once again and for the thousanth time, the UK succumbs to threats by Muslims because, as we all know, they WILL riot and reak havoc. There's a much bigger issue at stake now, and the Brits just don't get it. Asamallahaikum (goodbye and Allah's peace be with you) UK.

Philip Saenz

My, my, how touchy you infidels are. Don't you know that Muslims are superior? Paedophile Muhammad said so. So that should settle that.

Muslim males are so superior that even women, including Muslim women are beneath them. Muslim males, Sons Of the Beast, Satan/Allah, are so superior that they are allowed to rape little girls as young as eight and nine years old, after forced "marriages." The lecherous Muslim animal doesn't care if the child cries and screams as she's being raped. The Muslim animal will attack, attack, attack until he gets what he's after. You infidels will have to learn to accept the superior Muslim animal, Son Of the Beast Satan/Allah.


Welcome to the world of dhimminitude UK. You are now officially a muslim country. How's that workin' out for you. We are one day going to realize that the Crusades did not work, they left the muslims alive. Now we are going to have to kill them all to make our children's world safe. I am ready to play cowboys and muslims.

Stephen Gash

Stop Islamisation.

Make St George's day an English bank holiday.

St George was a Christian martyr. In other words he didn't take bystanders with him.

These officials want naming and shaming. If I had my way I would have them sacked and their pensions taken off them.

FM Watkins

Well, the British can always visit the Islam Expo in London to see how wonderful Islam is(not).

By the way, have a look at the 'partners' at the bottom. Nice to see 'London' is supporting it. They never asked me!


Islam/muslim IS NOT A RACE. So how can it be racial? I just don't get it.


What happened in Nazi Germany to the Jews is just around the corner.

But will it be the Muslims or Infidels who will be the "new" Jew?

I think that those who don't want us, the English, to be able to celebrate our Patron Saint should be charged with race hate as they obviously hate the non Muslim Brits.

Funny how we keep hearing about how we must celebrate being Multi-Cultural but whenever it's traditional ENGLISH culture that comes into play.....well, we can't do it in case it offends others.

But we are being forced to celebrate other cultures?


If Saint George cannot be celebrated then surely Christmas and Easter cannot be 'honored' either. Stating the obvious is not working in this climate of approaching dhimmitude, maybe a concerted effort calling for the banning of these Christian holidays for fear of offending the muzzie slime would wake up the apathetic majority to the peril the British culture is in. You know, reverse psychology...


Well it seems that every year it's getting closer and closer to having Xmas outlawed anyway as more and more places in England aren't making any effort to celebrate it anymore.

IE - a couple of the big supermarkets in the UK banned brass bands playing xmas carols outside their shops last year due to them being a health and safety risk (supposedly to protect peoples hearing). Then they had bagpipe bands actually INSIDE their stores in the New Year! But I guess bagpipes aren't really Christian....

A lot of places are now not having Xmas parties so not to offend non-Christians (meaning Mozzas); although a few years back they didn't give a toss about offending Jews, Sikhs, Hindus etc. Ah but wait - those people don't seem bothered by it as they seem more "whatever - we respect your beliefs as you respect ours"

I really wonder how long before in England we have Mohhamed Day as a bank holiday?

Give it 2 years.


I just watched a horrifying video of London police chased by a large crowd of Muslim men. One of the men had just been shouting through some kind of amplifier that Muslims do not recognize any authority but Allah. When a policeman very politely asked to speak with him, the policeman was attacked. When you see fear on a policeman's face and not enough backup against a despotic, murderous mob, you wonder what drastic measures need to be taken to prevent this kind of takeover...which is exactly what it is. Come on, England: you fought bravely in the war(s); don't give in to despots on your own soil. Tighten and enforce your laws and build more prisons. Start deporting law breakers before they take even more advantage of your "tolerance." They're laughing at you. Remember the Somali woman in the book "Infidel" who said that every time she falsely accused the Dutch of racism, they gave her anything she wanted. It's called blackmail for the one-world order.


Yes, I too was horrified to see that video.........if these people acted like that in their own countries the police would not have hesitated ONE SECOND in opening fire


I'm formulating a theory that the UK has gone down the drain ( not IS going, you'll note ), due to the gene pool of native Brits being very seriously depleted. First we'd World War One, then Two, then the "Brain Drain" and emigration of the 50's and 60's and 70's.Isn't it dazzlingly obvious that those in power in the UK are extremely lacking in basic common sense ? I lived abroad from 1981 until 2000, when I was stupid enough to come back. Luckily I managed to "escape" again in late 2004. The country is completely upside down, with not a grain of common sense in its governance. Complete nonsense prevails in EVERY area of life. The schools are a shambles from top to bottom, the hospital service is a joke, the railways a disaster, and now the latest. Everyone ignoring the real issues and kow towing like mad to "muslim sensibilities" and throwing what's left of our own culture out the window.


if england was multicultural in the first place this wouldn't be happening.but NO- its a racist country!

a multicultural society is supposed to value festivals from ALL cultures EQUALLY

christians get national holidays for their festivals.
but people from OTHER religions have to take time out themselves and then later catch up if they want to celebrate their own festivals. how is that fair?

why cant there be just a day national holiday atleast for major festivals of other cultures?

if only england was multicultural- then other major festivals would get the same value too. and no one would be angry.

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