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June 05, 2008


Philip Saenz

Little females between the ages of 3 and 10 are "ladies"? In my vocabulary, they are babies.

Old Muslim lechers make me sick. I hope Muslim lechers are destroyed before these lechers destroy more female babies. Not even wild animals try to copulate with their babies. It's different in the Muslim hell.


Actually, the writer has it all wrong. The shower hea din the toilet is not for washing the toilet bowl, but for washing the Muslim's arsehole, as all of them use their left hand and water to clean their private areas after defecating. This is another of Islam's rules, from the Cow-ran.
Never shake hands with a Muslim, you just don't know where it's been!


I don't know what all the fuss is about, really. Their so-called prophet (profit = criminal profiteer) was a practicing pedophile himself. He took a six-year-old girl, named Aisha, as one of his brides when he was in his fifties. He consummated the marriage when she was nine years old, because she had started her womanly bleeding, and felt the time was "ripe". The little girl, besides being diddled by the deranged and psychopathic camel-driver, also had to clean the dry semen that he had splashed on his robe. And it was all OK for the deranged man to do this, because allah had sanctioned it. So, it is all ok for Muslims anywhere in the world, especially in a backwards country like Pakistan, because it was done by that deranged camel-driver of 1400 years ago, and was sanctioned by the cow-ran - as it is still sanctioned.
Islam is NOT a religion, it is a dangerous and primitive cult based on the rantings of a deranged camel-driver. The sooner the west and other civilized nations become aware of this, the better.
God help the west if Muslims ever gain full control in Pakistan, their primitive and deranged minds would immediately head for the nukes - because what a wonderful opportunity to get rid of all unbelievers!

Proud Infidel

Remember that the whole of Afghanistan, Pakistan etc were HINDU and BUDDHIST before the barbaric islamic beasts came over and ruthlessly ethnically cleansed the Hindus and forcibally convert all to Mohammedanism. People of these regions were peaceful and highly spiritual. But they were so brutalised by Islam that they in turn became ignorant beasts.
There is a big region called Hindu Kush. This actually means: The slaughter of the Hindus....
I rest my case
Destroy islam before it destroys you. Kick out the trojan horse that the ultra liberal dimwits have invited in the whole of Europe.


Is there any Islamic nation or Muslim majority country that is not a living hell for women? No, there's not. A woman is Islam is just a step above an animal. Even the sons will kill their own mothers for "honor." (Read Dawn or The Nation, two Pakistani newspapers that report regularly on honor killings there.) Islam is a curse for a female born into it and unable to escape it. A curse to the rest of us on this planet also.

Its a shame

Its a shame that the world doesn't take off their Politically Correct glasses for a bit and looks at Islam without the "rose and wine" tint.

Its a shame that the Western world actually thought the Crusades ended when we said they were over... they never ended, atleast to Islam, the "Religion of Peace" huh.

Its funny how Communist nations call themselves Democracies... kinda like Islam saying its a peaceful religion.

And one more shame... its a shame that there are so many of us who do realize what Islam is and what it is slowly doing, but we don't really do much to stop it... and again... what can we do? All I can do currently, in the bounds of law, is try and make more people aware, (too bad it labels me an "extremist".


Oh good lawrd, it's the Muslim Hatfields and McCoys plus pedophiles.


the prophet 'married' a SIX year old girl (aisha), and consumated the marriage when she was NINE, so, what do you expect from the muslims?

they just imitate their leader...

islam has NO respect for woman: woman are POSSESIONS of the MAN: slaves...

please, read 4:34 of the quran, and you will know: ISLAM=FACISM!


There are still intelligent humans on this planet, who recognize the insanity. Children are children and should not be made subject to anything that is for adults only. We intelligent humans will continue to protect the children. We live to protect our future generation, and they will survive! All religions who condone such evil practises will know us, because we have prison bars waiting for them!


Islam is evil. That's the long and short of it, no further investigation needed. If every Muslim died in his or her sleep tonight, eradicating the religion forever, Humanity's chance at a future would be slightly improved.

Islam is a curse on man, and needs to be destroyed. Through war if necessary, yes even nuclear bombardment of entire sub-continents.

It is our future as a species that is at stake.

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