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May 23, 2008



I am sure we will see an article in the Guardian - about how Islamophobia is really the problem..
(I am being sarcastic)

Aren't we all just a little tired of people who demand so much but offer so little in return?

Yes we as Europeans must take time to understand the cultural differences between us and Islam – while no churches or bibles are allowed in Arabia and we are expected to keep building them here.

It’s Islamophobia you know !!


Waseem Riaz is a liar supreme. He follows the rules of Islam, lie and lie again to make things smooth.
Well, if the ex-mayor Calvert is now realizing at last what Islam is, then that's good. But it's a bit late.
I hope all politicians of Europe and other civilized western nations come to realize just what a dangerous ideology Islam is - and it is NOT a religion. But I'm not holding my breath with the weak-kneed crowd of do-gooders and apologists that are currently in charge of the shape of England and Europe.
What qualifications do these "senior clerics" have? None... just the ability to drone on and on, repeating their Qu'ran from memory... a book that has no logic, no history, and is just a filthy diatribe written by a deranged camel-drive living 1400 years ago who was also a despicable, dirty,filthy pedophile - he raped his child-bride of 9 years old.
Well, Ms Calvert.. now you can see the thin edge of the wedge... Sharia law will soon make it impossible for any woman to serve on any Council or Government body in England or Europe.. because women, according to the primitive, barbaric, and archaic laws of Islam, should stay at home and be beaten up now and then to force submission.
God help England if she doesn't wake up soon. All these filthy, deranged Muslims should be kicked out of England and sent back to the misogynistic and backwards countries from which they came.

Exposing Islam

Great, so now they got the Muslim mayor in there. Good work dhimmi.

Exposing Islam

Never trust Muslims. They only care about advancing Islam and will do anything to accomplish that goal.


Poor Jean Calvert,

She simply had no idea that in the eyes of izlam she is no more than a filthy,despicable, dhimmi sharmuta.

If she had only listened to Pat Condell.

Aryan Mjolnir

What a bunch of throwbacks.

Henry  Ferns

Who will din some sense into the heads of the Christians who are ruling the UK right now? Senslessly they themselves are turning over their reign to the Muslims who have openly vowed to kill them (Kaffirs). Sadly none of the Brits believe this and will do so only when they feel a sharp Muslimblade on their necks!


She shouldn't be surprised, we could have told her that. What is it with these liberals who pander to muslims, get your heads out of the sand and get shot of them, they will never conform and nor will we to them, as its OUR country.

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