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May 01, 2008


the christian

i love it, some idiots that rape and because its a muslim name its " four MUSLINS rape...". what about the hundreds of news articles of rape by non muslims? how come you dont write "four CHRISTIAN men rape..."? although i guess you are right. you have to highlight the fact its muslims cos its shocking that muslims would even do such a thing. its rare and so its headline news. oh n by the way if you are going to quote sources of information, quote correct sources, dont just make stuff up.

Tom Torsay

You Moron, all your quotes are from Shia Imams. Shia's repersent less then 15% of all muslims, and many are not considered muslims at all.

Muslim Men are only allowed to MARRY chaste woman who are people of the book (Jewish or Christian). Same marriage laws apply between a muslim man and a non muslim woman as it is between a muslim man and a muslim woman.

Sunni Islam does not teach the garbage you talk about. Stop trying to mislead people!


islam is an abominable religion that caters to the depraved nature of muslim men, muslims are a danger to the entire world!~~~!! Wake up-Islam is the most depraved of all false religions, just look at what muslims did over some cartoons~!~! The so called prophet mohammed was also a pedophile, a murderer, a liar, a sexual pervert-sounds like he had the very nature of satan~!
Muslims are misleading the west in their intent to take over the world-everyone should wake up to this fact and close their borders to muslim immigrants because they want everything we have and are willing to kill and rape for it!


The ultimate problem is that good men are doing nothing to stop such evil. Just start killing muslims, drive them from your communities, and solve the problem. They will not change, and they will harm you without a thought. So harm them first, start killing them.


I agree with Donna, all of these Muslim perverts should be killed immediately so as to stop the other Muslims from ever doing the same things again. They come to our country, live off our good graces and violate its citizenry, this calls for immediate drastic punitive action and I mean NOW! NOW!NOW! NOW!

Sam Thickett

I guess about time that muslims start taking revenge from your women for all the atrocities that your bastard British CHRISTIANS have carried out over the past 100 years or so all over the world... guess goose has come home to ?????


This article is rubbish -Im a westerner married to a muslim man, if any muslim man rapes any woman this is a crime. the person who said that people dont quote "christian men raped" is a very good point. The muslim faith is all about family and community and peace but those ignorant people who just go by stupid articles like this should be ashamed. It is easy to dramatise and talk without knowing. There are a lot of wrong translations out there on the internet. Im disgusted at some of these comments against people. Surely understanding and teaching others and peace is more important. And by the way, if someone murdered, raped torchered your family and took your land, what would you do?


Unfortunately the UK is now starting to see something that Australia went through a few years back.

This guy was our worst but not our only.


i do not understand about those white women who married islam arab then they protect islam and they say islam is the best religion and detest freedom and right while another modern islam criticize to those fanatic islam and the ideology of islam.they converted to islam by force or after they had been raped then they debate on behalf of islam,may the evil foe have power on u,u r traitors ,forgot ur utter legacy and freedom,u r the first people get whole fire and hell...and God will not forgive u

Muslim Fucker


infidel and proud of it

Tom and sam, why dont you gang rape Sarah and let the fool called the christian make an apology for you both?, wake up to the facts that islam is the cult of evil and it is destroying all that is good in the free world, if you inbreeds want to follow this cult of the devil then do it in a muslim country and stay out of the free world, and as for woman that marry these slime and convert then they deserve all they get, they are traitors to freedom and give birth to the spawn of satan.


This is rubbish! first Islam does not allow men to have sex with non muslim or muslim girls unless they're married! bring me the line from the Quraan if this is true. If a Muslim had sex with ANY girl ( Muslim or not) by the islamic law he should be punished. So, you really think they would allow them to RAPE but noooo do not have SEX!!! hahaha like i said, this is RUBBISH.

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