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May 20, 2008


Brian Cawley

When are you Brits going to get it?

Send all the nasty, evil, criminal psycopath Muslims back to where they came from.

Revoke passports of those from countries where Islam is more than 5% of the population.

Declare Islam to be an evil, criminal and political cult and declare all of its material, propaganda, dress and education to be unfit for British consumption and outlawed.

Just like the Germans did with Nazism after WWII.

Take a stand, the rest of Europe will follow (eventually).

Cease supporting all those countries with greater than 5% Muslim with financial, educational and other aid.

As Britain stood alone during the beginning of the 2nd World War, it is time to stand up together for the future of civilization and Judeao-Christian principles.

Stephen Gash

Immigration from all Islamic countries should be stopped immediately. Deprtation should then begin as quickly as possible.

Philip Saenz

If you don't do anything about the filth sprayed by Islamists, you will die, and that's a fact. You can expect filth coming from Islamists. The Qur'an is replete with filth: "Christians and Jews are pigs and apes." "Don't make friends with Christians and Jews." All non Muslims are "infidels." "Kill the infidels." And on and on. But you have yourselves to blame. You didn't have to import filth. If you don't want anymore filth, Muslim feces, on your food, all you have to do is keep Muslims from coming into your country.


someone should force feed him a steaming pile of hep infected shit. give the slime a taste of his own medicine

every day I become less and less convinced that there are any decent muslims anywhere in the world


I am ashamed of my government and our police force. Too many years of peace and easy living have LEFT us with leaders who are total wimps and fools.

The war is here we have just not acknowledged it yet.

Fuck the Muslims, Mohammed(piss be upon him) and all his followers.

Michael M

Of course there should be stiffer penalties for this kind of act. It's ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO DO GREAT BODILY HARM, maybe even ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Geoff Mitchell

Are these Islamics into another stage of there Jihad against the west with these disgusting new tactics of trying to pollute our food nothing surprises me anymore with these evil cultists its about time we outlawed Islam and banned there book of evil wish the government had more backbone in dealing with this worrying Issue

Stout Viking



This has got to be the most disgusting thing I've read about happening in a loooong time. Attempted murder, no less. Then deport ALL shitslamaniacs.

John Pahdorf

From just a general observation of attitudes about Islam at my work for the last 3 or 4 years, it seems like that all the non-Muslims that I know are beginning to detest Islam and not trust their fellow Muslim employees. I've tried to help this attitude along with news posts on the bulletin boards about these demonic inspired followers of Muhammad; their psuedo prophet, but factual pedophile. We are in war with these vermin, whether we know it or not. Interfaith dialogue is not the answer, the only solution is deportation or using the same tactics that they use on their enemies when they are living in their Middle Eastern countries. The future looks like much violence by allowing these miscreants to live here in the U.S., or in any Western nation. It should be easy finding them, just follow the foul smell of their body odor.

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They have saying in my country that only a dead muslim is a good muslim. I agree 100%

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