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May 08, 2008


Philip Saenz

It's always most unfortunate and cruel for a grown man to rape a child. To a great extent, we can blame Islam, a religion concocted by Satan/Allah, because according to the low mentality of Muslims, Muslims have the "right" to rape especially non-Muslims.
I call Allah "Satan" for a good reason. Did you know that Allah gave the Muslims the "right" to break all Ten Commandments of the God of the Christians and Jews?
Because of that I now conjoin the two names. Hence, I always refer to Satan/Allah each time I refer to Islam's god. I hope everyone joins me. You have my permission.

Ramón V. Montijo

Why are "we" all surprised and even shocked by this individuals actions? The term "human being" has no meaning inside of Islam. There is no such thing as humanity, only the duality of the believer and unbeliver. Look at the ethical statements found in the Hadith. Muslim should not lie, cheat, kill or steal from other Muslims. But a Muslim may lie, deceive or kill an unbeliver if it advances Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelivers another way. For heaven sakes, why don't we wake up? Being politically correct will not help our way of life with these people from the religion of peace - Islam.


Hunt down the lawyer that defended this inhumane act and kill him...


No, the inhumane act preceded any lawyer's defence. The defendant, if found guilty, does not make the lawyer the perpetrator, but an added victim of due process.


... in contrast, any sharia lawyer that would defend the right for the defendant to commit such an inhumane act (defence of the act before the act taking place)... we should kill...


It's strange to me that the first poster mentions Satan/Allah. I was exposed to Satanism as a child, and they had a kind of code: If you asked them if they worshipped Allah, they would say, "I'm not a Muslim but I worship Allah." This took place in the 50's.


this confuses me

asian guys around here have killed their daughters for the "dishonour" of merely having a boyfriend....

why don't the peadophiles in the asian community get killed for "honour"??????

The Truth About Islam

Note that the European press can't call these sex fiends "Muslims" but must resort to using the term "Asians." That's how much MUSLIMS are ruling the planet now.

What did we expect with handing these savages trillions of petrodollar$? As the depraved megalomaniacs they are, Muslims now believe that Allah has empowered them to spread their evil cult of death all over the world.

You can expect more of this sort of crime, which may be prosecuted, until there are too many of them. Then Muslim fanatics will be free to rape, enslave and murder non-Muslims of any age and gender at will - which is their ultimate goal.

Islam is a demonic cult of criminals.


“I have been made victorious through terror”. - Muhammad (Bukhari 4:52.220 )


Awww, only musilim men rape. Never caucasian. They just lock their daughters in their basements and rape em while breeding children forever. Oh these wonderful caucasian people!!


The English are in a dream world. They don't know where their head is from their a--. When you allow your youth to be put into danger, how far down have you actually fallen?


I noticed posters making the same mistake they always do. Blaming others, Muslims, Hindus, Africans,etc. If England is a nation begun and developed by the English, you know, those people who used to treat the Irish like scum, than it is YOUR FAULT AND ONLY YOUR COWARDLY BEHAVIOR, THAT YOU DON'T STOP THIS STUFF WHEN FOREIGNERS DO IT. Otherwise, you tell me who should take responsiblility for stopping it? The molesters. You idiots!!

Harun Hussein

This is a Jewish KKK propaganda bullshit as part of their criminal zionist agenda in their war against Islam and Christianity.
The Jewish KKK is read (Kikes-Kikes-and-Kikes Racism.)
They do'nt speak about the Jewish Global Sex-Slave Forced Labour Industry of 15 Million Christian Women of all ages from all over Europe. The Headquarter of this evil Industry is in the Jewish Capitol of The Usurped Land Of Palestine Called "Israhell".


We have the mexicans doing most of the raping in america!


rubbish, there are many cases in the uk about men wanting sex with young girls and they are not muslim, so why just single out muslim men on this issue?

It is not a given right of muslim men to have sex with non muslim women in quran, where do u get this rubbish from. Nothing in the Quran says this. In fact having sex outside marriage is a very serious offence in the Quran, and the penelty is the same for men as it is for women, regardless of the cultural views on this.

Harun Hussein

-All Evil Brought to Europe is made by Jews. They do'nt mention that. They call that "Antisemitism". A term that has no meaning at all, just like the stupid term "terrorism"..


Get used to it, because you have become a captive nation, held hostage in your own land by the foreigners you have allowed to overrun you. Your women and your lives are now fair game, and your weak leaders are powerless to do anything about it since they are cowards with no courage. Accept your Dhimmitude, or leave. You are a pathetic lot, you British, and your ancestors are spinning in their graves for shame at what you have allowed yourselves to become. You have no one to blame but yourselves because if you were stronger it wouldn't have been allowed to occur.


If you are a guest in a Country and have been given the exclusive privelage of being allowed to use its facilities then you should act like a guest. Countries like Indonesia which are Islamic execute foreigners without blinking who have violated "their" laws. I say to keep these Muslims in check special laws should pertain to them and execution "upon any crime" should be enforced in western nations to keep these Satanic mongrel's in check.


there is always 2 sides of a coin.
Young white girls are dressing like Britney spears and acting like her.
in other words they idolize and behave like a harlot.
the parents of these young girls ,many of whom are too drunk and drugged up to much care what is going on
I do not condone what grown men are doing .but there is always 2 sides of a coin.
as society's morals have sunk to the gutter the signs are on the tenement walls.look these events to be commonplace.


These news are chauvinists and racists, how can you label all muslims as rapists. Many americans rape girls too, this is so fascist. That's why i hate Rense website, he posts all these fascist news


I must reluctantly agree with David's post. The same holds true in America as well. Here you see girls as young as 10 wearing tiny little short skirts and high heels. In the city where I live all you see are scantily clad young girls, especially in the summer. Their parents are too preoccupied pursuing their own lusts to give a damn. Then when they open their legs to an older man, it's all his fault and he goes to jail.


America and Britain are whores which suckle at the teat of their Zionist masters, and are full of corruption and iniquity and various type filth.


This guy isn't guilty. The white people in the British government who let him in are.


Listen some of you idiots on this post who are blaming the victim again. The article said the girl was "kidnapped, "abucted". It did not say, the "girl opened her legs" and was carried away with romanticism. Idiots.

Hand of God

Dick Cheney ordered the murder of the DC Madam, Colonel Ted Westhusing before that and journalist Gary Webb before that.

The current administration is using so-called 'CiA rendition planes' to smuggle tons of cocaine from Columbia and tons of heroin from Afghnistan.

This happened as well when Bush Sr. was running the US from 1980 to 1992.

Clinton was complicit.

The US is a maggot infested cesspool

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