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May 19, 2008


Philip Saenz

Since these women were never married, they were living in adultery. But, unlike some backward, Islamic countries, these women will not be stoned to death, at least I hope, not in Britain. I hope these women don't return to a backward Islamic country. If they do, it's possible they will be stoned to death, or at least be given hundreds of lashes with a heavy cane until their buttocks and legs are bloody red and torn.

Britain, don't accept Sharia law. If you do, these women, who were living in adultery, will be stoned to death in your own country.


Well, Philip, you are wrong. They do not risk any punishment under the sharia, at least not for adultery, because they were married by an imam. Their problem is that they will have a hard time getting divorced in the eyes of their families and the ummah. The husband and the imam can just refuse to grant an islamic divorce. This is a problem for muslim women whether or not they have been married legally. Not unlike in the catholic church.
The other problem is that, as they have not been married in the eyes of the law and civil society, they cannot claim economic support from their "husbands".
They are screwed both ways, so to speak.


They were "screwed" well before getting married. They were screwed when they embraced Islam - the worlds most intolerant and violent ideology.

Stout Viking

Um, Earth to Phillip, can you read me? Did you take a look at the "honor killing" ratio in the UK lately? Or in Norway? Or Germany? Or France? Or Portugal? Or USA? Or Canada?
Sure, the numbers are not as high as in their homelands, but too high for civilized European standards. They want to live like savages - let them do it elsewhere. Ship those sand-monkeys back or at least protect the women from the savage Muslim gangbangers.


This would be a very easy problem to solve, if the English were still English. If the mosques did this on purpose---to put sharia above English law---make the mosques pay maintenance to the women.

MediEvil BarbarIslam

If England would just submit to Islam this problem would be sorted.

Phil On The Bay

It is quite obvious this is some sort of polygamous racket. These "savages" have played us for fools and are very cleverly using our social services to support their neolithic lifestyle. How else can they reproduce so fast,still live in a house with a 2 car garage, and spend half the day at "religious devotions".
This tired old scam is so obvious that the government must be seen as complicit. The solution is simple: Arrest and deport the Imams and shut down any offending Mosques, PERMANENTLY. There are too many Mosques in the UK anyway, even from the perspective of attracting tourism. This is the stern language the "Muslim community" will understand and respect, anything else will be taken for approval of polygamy and Sharia.

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