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May 09, 2008


The Mad Dervish

You have an irrational fear of Muslims known as "Islamophobia." It's okay. Relax. It's alchemical. I converted more than 11 years ago and am so much more happy now with a religion that actually makes sense.

Don't worry. Someday, many of your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be Muslims. Sucks to be you, huh? :-D

The Grand Kaffir Of Infidelistan

No, still does and always will suck to be you.


Mad Dervish:
How do you define "Islamophobia"?
I know what it should be: a phobia is an "irrational fear or hatred".
But very often those who are labelled as "Islamophobes" actually know a great deal about Islam whilst not being moslems.
This suggests that an "Islamophobe" is "a non-muslim who knows more about Islam than most muslims would wish".
I'm really glad that Islam makes you happy, but just which parts "make sense" to you?
Is it:
1. The 'divine'permission to beat women?
2. The polygamy?
3. The possibility (sadly curtailed today) to capture women as sex-slaves?
4. The chance to murder your way into 'paradise' with its 72 virgins (or is it raisins) waiting there just "begging for it" and the "strength of 100 men" to go with them and the 28 boys?
5. the thought that you are now amongst the "best of all people", superior to us mere "kaffirs", not through contribution to society or any other "worthy" reason, but solely on the basis of religion?
6. that "fighting" is obligatory for you?
7. that violence towards kaffirs appeals to you?
8. that the rules of your religion are 'rational' eg. fasting sunrise-sunset which can equal 24/7 in the far North or South?
9. You like having EVERY aspect of your life dictated so you have no need to think for yourself?
10. that a seventh century mentality appeals to you?

Christopher Hajikakou

Jonc - excellent response!

I can tell you in a nutshell what will happen with more muslim Police...

"Sorry but muslim youth get a bad press. You sure it wasn't white youths..?"

Think I am joking? Think I am making this up?

Ask one of my work colleagues (ironically also a Jon C). This is what he was told by a muslim community officer. Makes you think eh?


I could tell you of far, far worse that I've seen, but I do not want to run the risk of identifying the vulnerable individual (female, single) involved.

As another example, did you note how subtly biased the reporting and Police comment vis-a-vis the "English Defence League" was?
If you believe the police and reporters all the trouble was from (white) EDL marchers. If you listen to eye-witnesses (ironically broadcast on the BBC) you realise that "Asian youf" were at least as much to blame and if you look carefully the "asians" involved were clearly muslim.
A further irony is that the picture of the "hoody" shows an "asian" youth not a white one. Again a close look needed.

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