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April 10, 2008



We are all doomed I say..

Philip Saenz

It's easy to explain that type of behavior. Muslim criminals stick together, and defend each other regardless of their status or crime.

A priest, who worked in the Philippines, once told me that accused Muslims in the Philippines are never guilty if they have a Muslim judge. Of course I can believe that because Islam, as we have learned, is a very insidious religion. Like I said, Muslim criminals stick together.


I bet the muslim judge fullfilled his muslim obligation of supporting his fellow muslim rather than convicting him. Prophet Mho (pbuh) was mercifull to his fellows and ruthless to the unbelievers.....


Death to the pedophile prophet - Pigs blood be upon him


Go to this link for more indepth knowledge about this cult religion. Please do not be ignorant anymore, spare your 5 minutes to read and educate yourself so that you will be able to wake up your society's slumberness.

Ibn Timiyya

Ibn Timiyya emphasizes forcefully in Volume 14,

"Nothing in the law of Muhammad states that the blood of the disbeliever is equal to the blood of the Muslim because faith is necessary for equality. The people of the Covenant (Jews or Christians) do not believe in Muhammad and Islam, thus their blood and the Muslim’s blood cannot be equal. These are distinctive texts which indicate that a Muslim is not to be put to death for (murdering) one of the people of the covenant or an unbeliever, but a free Muslim must be killed for a free Muslim, regardless of the race" (Vol. 14, p. 85).

He reiterates the same statement (Vol. 20, p. 282) that a Muslim must not be killed for one of the people of the covenant; that is, a Christian or a Jew

The Imam al-Shafii

In section one of "Ahkam al-Qur’an" ("The Ordinances of the Qur’an", page 275), he says: "A Muslim is not to be killed for an unbeliever". Then he says (page 284),

"If a believer murders an unbeliever, he has to pay blood feud to the Jew or Christian which is one-third of the blood feud of the believer, though Malik says it must be one half."

Ibn Timiyya inclines towards Malik’s opinion and indicates (Vol. 20, p. 385) that:

"The blood feud should be one half because this is what was transmitted by tradition about the prophet Muhammad and as the Sunnis said also."

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya

In his book, "Zad-al-Maad" (Sec. III, p.124), he says:

"Muslim blood is alike (has the same value). A Muslim is not to be put to death for killing an unbeliever."

"Sahih" of Al-Bukhari and" Sahih of Muslim"

These are two authorized books acknowledged by all Islam scholars pertaining to Muhammad’s sayings. We read in Part 9 of al-Bukhari’s book (p. 16,) "A Muslim is not to be sentenced to death for an unbeliever." He stresses that this is also the opinion of Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

In "Sahih of Muslim" interpreted by Nawawi (Part 4, p. 244), we read,

"A Muslim is not to be sentenced to death for one of the people of the covenant nor for a free man or a slave."

The Jalalan

In their famous commentary, in the context of their interpretation of Sura the Women, the Jalalan clearly and distinctly states the following (p. 178),

"On the topic of punishment, whether or not a man embraces the same religion will be considered. Thus a Muslim is not to be sentenced to death, even if he is a slave and the victim was a free man—not a Muslim.

It is obvious from these words that there is discrimination between a slave and a freeman. What matters to us is that if a Muslim slave murdered a non-Muslim freeman, he is not to be sentenced to death because he is a Muslim and the murdered man is a non-Muslim.

These are the scholars who have quoted the words of Muhammad himself in this regard: Ibn Timiyya, Shafii, al-Jalalan, Ibn-Qayyim al-Jawziyya, Sahih of Muslim and Sahih of al-Bukhari. They are more acquainted with his sayings and | traditions than anyone else.


Truth is Islams greatest enemy. Spread it.
In the meantime...prepare for battle. They have...and you'd better.

Douglas Reed

Dickens said it best: "The law is an ass" (Oliver, I believe). Judges that put forth this kind of ruling should be removed from the bench, and disbarred for failure to uphold the law.

Screamin' Scout

As a Yank that enjoyed my time in England, let me quote a personal hero of mine and plead with British society to wake up. "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." ---Sir Winston Churchill

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