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April 29, 2008



is there any anti-islam organization in britain that can conduct revenge attacks on these dogs? i know for a fact the british legal system will only let these curs go with a "stern warning."

real life

they who use acts of aggresion will witness the very same ! BUT WORSE
a new age is coming,
the fools will soon realise that they are tiny minority that will see a rising that will completly make the fight fair !


Calling them "Asian" is not only misleading, it could be dangerous. If British citizens ever get fed up with this shit and react with violence (God forbid >_>) Asian Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists and others could get hurt due to a misunderstanding that this is racial violence and not religious.

Mad Dog

Cletus, it's both. Muslims are taught out of the Koran to hate the kafirs. Open up your eyes and see that religious war has already started.


As usual I expect as it's an attack on a white guy it's not a racist attack.
But if 15 white guys beat the crap out of a Mozza with baseball bats.....
Well - you know.

kate b

Watch this doesn't end in racism. Ideologies are not racial, but credal (and subsequent rhetoric and actions) based upon texts; in this case, unfortunately the texts are seen as 'holy'.

The ONLY way to tackle this is to have open debate about the 2 valid Qur'ans (both Meccan where these quotes are from, which is the 'milder', original form and the later Medinian Qur'an, which abrogates the 1st in 141 Suras out of 144, making them null and void.

There are in FACT Muslims who are peaceful, there is in FACT no moderate Islam/ism (same thing) in the written texts of both Qur'ans and ahadith (which are seen as 'holy' because they contain the words of Mohammed - most of the Sharia comes from here).

In open debate, Muslims themselves would learn that the oft quoted verse "there is no compulsion in religion" doesn't end there, also another misquoted verse..."those who save one life is seen as saving a nation" (this part directly taken from the Talmud), also does not end there in the Islamic text: it goes on - this is why we see Sudanese with opposite hands and feet cut off.

If the Qur'an (meaning easily understood in Arabic, hence most easily translated too) is "given by Gabriel that which is confirmatory to that which has already been revealed" Sura 2:162ish?? (ie confirms the Bible) then why is it vastly different? Why are Jews now not the chosen people for their promised land? Why is there no atonmement? Why does Jesus suddenly just become a man, contrary to all the miracles and resurrecting that he does and not God incarnate when they call him Isa THE Messiah? Jesus says "love your enemies, pray for those who hate you". It is incumbent upon Muslims to know that which is already revealed - why don't they?


Try this kind of thing in the US and you'll have full-scale redneck retaliation against the muzzies responsible.

Stout Viking

When will Europe's stupid governments realize that Islam is as dangerous as the Nazi ideology itself, if not worse?

Jews claim there's a significant rise in Antisemitism around the globe. WRONG! There's a rise in Islamofascism that hurts all non-Muslims alike, and subjecting European court system to side with the savages, fearing of being labeled as Nazis.

Fuck that politically correct bullshit, the holy war had long began.


This story tells us why muslims must be allowed to immigrate to western countries. They all need to be deported including the ones that are citizens. In France a huge number of muslims, men and women, are in prison compared to their census numbers. They say it is racism. Islam is not a race. It is a cult. Kill them all and just get it over with.

Daniel, India

Islam is the only religion that teaches to kill others and be killed (to achieve 73 houris). All the politicians are soft on islamic ideologies. Muslims strictly adhere to their teachings. Unless Muslims are eradicated, terrorism won't be.


looks to me like the writter of the text hates muslims.


and yeh.none of u crying babies will say wut u typed to any muslim in their face.your just some cracker with no dignity and man-hood.ur wifes f*ck u in the as*.they controle u like their b*tches.f*cking etheiste modefukers.


You Brits had better start packing brass knuckles in East London. The Bobbies should mimic the 1962 Mississippi State police and get the "pakis" back in line!!

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