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April 26, 2008


Philip Saenz

Why is it that in England every little while, or daily crime means "unusual"? Here in America, "unusual" means once in a blue moon, and daily crime means "daily crime."


you should have bolded the part of the article that says "One of the nurses told me it happens quite often in that area"


To the 'asians, muslims' in the uk: Try that sh*t here, in the US, specifically Chicago. Please. All 'asians, muslims'need to LEAVE the west. Brits, GROW A SPINE.


"Unusual incident"?Puke, puke,puke! These muslim thugs are being taught from birth on, that we are not worth anything because we are not muslims, that our lives are nothing and that they can do to us whatever they want because we don't believe in Allah and his impostor. That is the bitter truth!The multi-cultural experiment will turn into a catastrophe soon, in Britain and all over Europe.And it will be our politician's fault who showed themselves to be either unwilling or unable to stop muslim migration to Europe.


Cletus - thanks for the suggestion - done!



As a Hindu from India, the Westerners should appreciate the difficulties in managing 200 million muslims amongst us for over 1000 years. We have managed them and here are a few suggestions:
> Go back to Christianity and the Church. It is a good religion and it is worth defending. Defending Christianity is better slogan than defending an abstract like freedom of speech, democracy etc.
> Throw out the socialist scoundrels from politics and the left lunatics from the academics
> Force the Conservative Party to become Christianity supporting party; it is unlikely that the Church will exert any undue influence in the government and it is a an issue that can be remedied.
> Scrap the welfare pay outs except for the aged. Welfare only encourages the unproductives and undesirables.
> Make extradition easy and it should be for the entire family; the convict will be jailed say for a period of five years but the family will be thrown out immediately on conviction
> Influence the judiciary, by fair and foul means, to give tougher decisions. Establish fruitful liaison between the police and the judiciary.
> The police force should be brainwashed against muslims and should use violent methods to control. In India the police does and people brush aside the resultant Islamic jingoism.
> The Conservative party should accept national security as the main plank
> Re-install death penalty
> Once in five years there should be riots in which thousands of muslims will be killed. Sounds barbaric; the alternative is being consumed by barbarism. In India we retaliate and it is called constructive response.
> Separate them physically in secluded areas; that is better than to permit them to live in all areas, which they will contaminate. They will never assimilate and do not attempt at it. This will come in handy at the time of riots.
> Stop muslim immigration and substitute with Hindu labour; they are law abiding and will integrate admirably well. Hindus are the second richest and most highly educated minority in USA. There is a not a single case of a Hindu being profiled for wrong reasons.
> Teach the children to hate the muslims; they any way are doing the same thing.
> Follow the Hindu way of life; live life and accept death as inevitable; live for the children and for their future. Sex is only a side attraction and wealth is only incidental.
> Consign all the human rights characters to Saudi Arabia, that is the place where they should practice their profession; tell them human lives are more important than human rights
> Get out of EU and preserve your right to protect your country and its culture. Earlier you had a country and culture to be proud of and now EU has converted the countries into anonymous entities
> In India we have a main stream political party for protecting the majority rights; create a similar one, since otherwise the secular fanatics will abandon the majority

Arjun Subrahmaniam

I agree with the brother's comments above axcept from 1 point:
Do NOT encourage Christianity. It is just like Islam, an imperialist pseudo spiritual ideology which is responsible for millions of deaths and destruction of countless native and indigenous cultures and faiths/spiritual systems. It is responsible for the horrendous Inquisition in Europe and South India. It STILL insists in "saving" souls, (ie: IMPOSING their ideology on the whole world, just like islam) and doing so through lies, blackmail, deception and payout, and other "social uplift promises", which in true only destroys India's social fabric and creates more "outcasts" and pain.
Remember, Islam is a mixture of Judaism, CHRISTIANITY and Mohammad's megalomaniac and psychotic deluded own inventions. In short, the logical perfection of the biggest spiritual error ever: Monotheism.
The Divine cannot be limited, caged and packaged in "One only god or last Prophet etc". That is the invention of spiritually ignorant minds, who in their egotistic delusions, impose limits on That which as none!
Truth is one, BUT the ways to it are innumerable!
Unity through Diversity, NEVER through Exclusivity!


PLEASE do not call these sand niggers asian. they are ARABS. asian people are OFFENDED when barbaric dogs who commit crimes like these are called ASIANS. japanese, chinese, korean, filipinos, vietnamese, THESE are asian. pakis, morrocans, turks, gippos, whatever the fuck sand nigger = MOSLEM. please distinguish accordingly. thank you.


Every one turned a blind eye to Hitler and that is happening now with the muslims. According to the Koran, we who are not muslim are not worth a grain of salt. In my opinion the world would be a better place if all muslims were sent to the moon.

Stout Viking

Poor kid, I won't blame him if I see him fast joining the National Front.
At this rate, England will be the first EU country which will have Sharia laws. About time to crack down on those modern-day sand-raiders. Don't you get their ottoman approach? They think that whoever isn't Muslim is fair game - be it robbing a boy and beating him to pulp, or molesting a little girl. They want to act like the sand-apes they are, let them do it in their sandboxes in the middle east, they got enough countries of their own, don't let them mess up the rest of the world.


Arjun's comments are midleading. Yes, the nations of Christendom have conducted themselves in an unchristian manner at times in history. However the fact that they are rebuked in indicative that they do not act in accordance with the teachings of the founder of Christianity, who said that His kingdom is not of this world. If you want to see what the world would be like without christianity then do to India and see the millions of Dalits, the untouchables, treated worse than excrement - until the christian missionaries arrived. The nations of christendom are where the modern scientific method emerged, and that was based on a revelation that the world was created by a designer that created using laws that we could follow.

Finally, Arjun's last two sentences make no sense: in claiming that there is no single truth Arjun is in fact making a truth claim. All religions make a truth claim; Jesus says "I am the way the truth and the life, noone comes to the father except through me." Mad, bad or telling the truth - only three options you can choose in response.


And we also need to realise that muslims suffer more under Islam than any other people or religious group. Muslims need to be liberated from Islam, not from Saddam!


And we also need to realise that muslims suffer more under Islam than any other people or religious group. Muslims need to be liberated from Islam, not from Saddam!

Europe's Got Talent

Does this surprise anyone? In my city Amsterdam, The Netherlands, they beat up gays because in their eyes they're nothing but infidel pigs. They insult Dutch women by calling them "whores" and harass women in public swimmingpools. The majority of crimes is done by them. 2/3 of the inmates are from non-European countries. If one of them gets busted they burn cars for weeks. They spit on us. Our gouvernements have let the Trojan Horse in to Europe. Beware! Beware of the next wave of immigrants from Bulgaria and Rumania. And when Turkey becomes part of the EU, better put 380 volt at the fence around your house...


what the hell is happening to you europe? i used to look up to you so much! can't you see it? this is EXACTLY like hitler, and you are ALL acting like bend-over chamberlain! when will you finally say "ENOUGH"? i really hope you can stand up and FIGHT THE ISLAMISTS BACK before my beloved European nations turn into Eurabia.

And what the fuck is with savage nation TURKEY joining the EU? ITS FUCKING SUICIDE! WHO THE NIGERIAN FUCK IS COMING UP WITH THIS ANTI EUROPEAN DECISIONS? it will only bring an end to Western civilization.

All nations are plagued by islam. I say we band together, and DRIVE THEM BACK! THROW THEIR PERSIAN, LICE INFESTED, HAIRY ASSES INTO THE SEA!

They say they let them in our countries because of compassion which is an important part of our humanity. BUT SO IS SELF PRESERVATION.

This is a CATHOLIC CHINESE ASIAN writing to you from the other side of the world, my European brothers and sisters. Be strong. And know that you are not alone in this battle for survival.


I do not belive that any church is the answer here.

We are a horrable race I can not help but think this planet would be better off without out nukes and guns.

we need a massive event like an offworld threat to bring us together.

we have an oppertunity to wipe out poverty but we would rather fight and kill each other,

I see muslims are no diffrent to any other humans we must work together there is a universe out there if we spent more time looking for other planets and ways of getting to them we could have had it by now if we would just stop fighting each other....

they (muslims) are no diffrent to you we must bring about peace and so must they, war is not the answer neather is death.

It saddens me that we live like this.


Send people into these neighborhoods, who knows some martial arts, along with a few people nearby in a van, to act as a decoy. Offer them ten years in jail or a free ticket to their country of origin.


Why aren't your soccer hoodlums taking care of this Islamic scum? I thought they were tough guys? I guess not.


Europeans have been too comfortable for too long and have lost their survival instinct. Do you think you are "enlightened" by showing compassion to people with a 7th Century mentality who want to kill you and destroy your country and civilization?

Wake the hell up! You are acting like the Jews of the 1930's-- going quietly onto the trains to your own deaths without a fight.

Are men with balls an endangered species in Europe now?

First you killed off you want to kill yourselves.


First thing to do...stop voting looney left wing liberals into office. They care more about their fascist power than they care about YOU.


applause for joyce and carney

James_in Chicago

For Christs sakes! When did you NATIVE BRITS loose you F***ING Collective Backbones? If this was CHICAGO, the worthless muslim PARASITES would be put in there place.


Ok. The next time I (unfortunately) have to go to the uk (Lower case intended) on business, I WILL walk the streets where the CHRISTIAN Priests were assaulted. To paraphrase a film character, "Your suffering will legendary even in Hell" GROW A SPINE, brits!


God! What has happend to you? Multiculturarlism didn't work, did it?


Anybody have a comment? Anybody tell this old USN Sailor he's nuts?

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