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April 30, 2008



Asian... another "Asian" gang attack.

Call it what it really is, a MUSLIM gang perpetuating their Jihad against Kaffir.


Muslim scum are probably regaled as heroes at their mosque.


richard they ARE regaled as heroes at their mosques! you should have seen the BBC special, "undercover mosque". these brave BBC reporters went undercover in the mosques all over london and recorded the imams ACTUALLY SAYING ALL THOSE THINGS ABOUT KAFFIRS AND THE FUTURE OF LONDONISTAN.

the evidence is right up their noses, but the european governments choose to do nothing. they'd rather be sodomized by these islamists, and they expect us christians and jews to bend over and do the same.

FUCK THAT. i'm buying a gun. the next muslim gang that tries to attack me is FUCKING SIDEWALK MEAT.

Philip Saenz

The Muslim thugs, who attacked the very young newspaper boys, were practicing their relgion, "The Religion of Peace." These Muslim thugs are authentic members of their teacher, paedophile Muhammad. Muhammad would be proud of his Muslim students.

Adolf Hitler Jr

Don't worry my European brothers - Europe will soon rise to strength again and deal with this threat. Makes you wonder though if our "elected?" governments WANT to rid Europe of US.

Stout Viking

Change your blasted constitution and kick out those savages back to their sandboxes where they can go ape on each other, instead of preying on Europe.
Don't you get it? They're out for world domination and enslaving all of those Kaffirs (infidels).
Wilders is right - make Islam illegal and grow back your balls!
Europe killed off nearly all its Jewry, well, now you got some real threat for a change. There's little time, use it wisely.

Janet Robinson

These types will prey on whomever they can - of course, they are cowards for picking on small boys. However, note that they will move on to other, bigger targets once they have the numbers.


The temperature is rising. When the sleeping lion of English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh pride awakens there will be blood in the streets but more importantly there will be no more multicultural tension.

No more trying to catch flies with chop sticks. remove the whole cancer from our shores




Thanks for the heads-up.

It is a common occurence for newspaper websites to quickly remove news items relating to muslim violence against the indigenous British people - this is why I normally post the original article, in its entirety.

Of course, any reports of violence against muslims remains on the newspaper sites - in perpetuity.


I wish I lived in England.

I'd try and do something about it...


Scenario (without cultural/political control):

Step 1. (Til 2000) "Glad to see you! It is so great to communicate and get experience from every culture and tradition!"
Step 2. (2000s) "I respect your Islam tradition and way of life, but we have to support BOTH our European and your one."
Step 3. (from, say, 2005 or 2010 or 2015) "Get some limits! I never would intolerate one's sights, especially when they are keeped silent!"
Step 4. (in not very far future)

I think that worst scenario it is, while social tense is growing.


I think I figured out why Muslims are so violent and it only takes 2 or 3 seconds of Google searching to see that in fact they generally are.

Muslim youth is subjected to a relentless barrage of propaganda & violence from two fronts, usually both simultaneously:
The Muslim patriarchy rules with an iron rod & kids of muslim fathers are subjected to physical & psychological abuse from the earliest age. They are required to conform to the law of the household (the fathers law) & also the law of Koranic adherence. God help them if they don't... in fact the threat of hellfire is used almost universally like a crude club to beat children into conformity! Physical beatings & psychological threats are frequent & often vicious. How do I know this? Because I hear my muslim neighbours screaming & ranting at their children through my bedroom wall almost daily. And they come across face to face as very moderate!
Jihad is not just a word or idea to these children, or indeed their indoctrinated parents. It is both REAL and REQUIRED in order both to conform & ESCAPE what they have been brainwashed into believing, just as their ancestors have been.
There is only one outlet for this kind of abuse, just like any other abuse..... anger & innevitably violence, typically cathartic & extreme. What does surprise me is that self-harm isn't more common in muslim children, specifically girls. Maybe that too is locked down by some threat?
People need to realise that as the limit & bravery of the Islamic World broadens, so too will the type, frequency & depravity of muslim violence. If you are unsure what that means, take a look at the behaviour of muslims in Middle Eastern countries. Expect to see honour maimings/murders & beheadings as commonplace in the UK within the next 5 to 10 years. These people aren't playing.


All the more reason to reject all religion in schools and finally integrate these people into the 3rd. Millennium!

A system of no tolerance/no discrimination could, at least, insure that the children spent 8 hours a day living a democratic/secular existence. Where importance is put on important things and irrelevance (which hand mo washed first) remains within acceptable limits, i.e. at home.
This means - no exceptions made to the school uniform - emphasis on gender equality - no prayer rooms or prayer breaks. Soja burgers instead of HALAL - if you cannot eat the meat - eat the vegetarian alternative. Teach CIVICS again! This is not new, in the 1960s, all schools taught basic law, civil responsibility, the Magna Carte and ethics. 1 lesson per week.

Paul Rohe

It seems to me that the only advantages a muslim man has is to be born with a quran in one hand and a penis in the other and that he`s lucky enough to live in a country that at the moment seems to be rules by middle class english multicultural bed wetter who refuse to examine any evidence concerning the violent & oppressive nature of this nasty little thing call islam.


This backward religion requires us (the kaffur) to be muslim or eradicated, so whats wrong in eradicating Islam before it eradicates us??

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