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March 11, 2008


Pat Viliors

Asia and the Middle East is very very big. Is there not enough room in it for the Muslims? Why are the colonising our countries, which they clearly despise?

Pat, Londonistan


Yet another good reason to abandon Wally world. .

I am sure that in no time, Dhimmis will not be welcome. Perhaps Wal Mart will offer a female genital mutilation kit for $1.99, complete with surgical gloves and a piece of broken glass.. .

How long before the bombers start demanding IED kits and IED enabled cell phones?

Way to go Walmart. . you have lost my business


Islam has been plotting to overthrow the world. They are entering the United States for one reason to take our country away from us, most likely with force, using weapons they are now amassing.

mohammed the pig

allah is dead


My Jesus, who stated that He was MORE than a prophet said the thief aka known as satan, comes to "steal, kill and destroy". Go to the first chapter of Job to get an understanding of satan's modus operandi, then using your Western, Judeo-Christian trained mind and put two and two together.


Dearborn has a high concentration of Middle Eastern people. What is wrong with a Wal-Mart that caters to this ethnic group? I think it is a clever marketing idea. Cool the hysteria and join the 21st century with the rest of us.


Gretchen you poor, ignorant soul. If you don't understand the threat of shari'a creep, you are, unfortunately for you, part of the problem. I suggest you marry a muslim, and find out how wonderful islam is to it's women. Love to see you in a burkha! ;-)


Thank you allahlovesporkchops - I couldn't have said it better.
It is clear that this is not a little "specialty" store but rather a huge SUPER Walmart - set up for muslims - I doubt you will find any pork products or anything elso that the regular American stores would carry- This is NOT what America is about and sure as heck does not enhance the "melting pot" - this type of "population specialization" will lead to further Balkanization of the USA rather than assimilation. As far as the population in Dearborn - the majority are Somalian - there IS a big problem there with illegal immigrants but due to the community and language the police/INS have nearly a zero chance of arresting any illegals as they are hidden by other muslims - in fact as far as the law goes - some of the area/neighborhoods is/are set up for the local imams to use Sharia Law & act as the "police" within the neighborhoods. This has been going on "under the radar" with little to no publicity. The clueless multiculties need to wake up and "smell the Sharia creep".


I dont see what the problem is.
Stores in Jewish and Polish and Italian, German etc. neighborhoods do the same thing for their local shoppers.


I am so troubled by this thing. I live on Chicago, and no exhageration, I can go a whole day without talking to or dealing with any native born English speaking people! The building I live in is full of Polish and Ukrainians, one part of town is heavy on Mexicans, and another part of town, say around Sheridan and Devon and parts west, is full of Muslims, and in between I find Indians from India. The Muslim men are kind of *ssholes - they tend to treat women like mindless chattel - I don't like that but you get a vibe of violence from them so you have to be careful when you speak out.

You know they were brought in for a. their money, and they do, it can't be denied, bring a lot of income into the city with their shops and their tax payments and the like, and b. for the work force; they tend to be better educated, especially the Indians, than our home grown kids are. Our gov't let them in, that's for sure.

I am very troubled about Mexico and S. America - we had a hand in ruining their economies, so they find it hard to survive in their own countries. It would seem to me their economies would have to be fixed before many of them could come home again. They left because they couldn't survive!

I've done pro-immigrant work because I hate to see people criminalized for just wanting to lead a decent life. But I know there is a problem. I just wish we could do right by them.

Michael Dall

Maybe it's Gods plan to get them all in one building to take them home!

Evelyn Goodman

I am sure that, if immigrants from other countries had better economic opportunities in their own countries they would not be coming here, to start with. So, that is what we should help work towards.
As for Walmart, I do not patronize them if I can help it, but I have to admit that they have a smart sense of catering to the ethnic needs of their customers, besides lower prices.
Help those from other countries go back to their
own origins, economically.
I think they would welcome it!


I no longer shop at "Red Star Imports". I can find everything I need at other stores and most often they're made in the USA. I don't like this polarization that I'm seeing among the races and I detest our country being invaded and nothing being done about it! Don't confuse Invasion with lawful immigration.


So nice that Walmart checked with local Arab merchants about not underselling them...did they both to also check with the NON-ARAB local merchants? Dhimmwits!

Bilal Abdullah

Allah is very much alive and well...

Anyway,xenophobes and racists should note that America is home to Muslims as well as Christians, Jews or whatever. I applaud Walmart for recognizing Muslim americans have economic clought. We we have money and will spend it in places that show us due respect. Now tell me why it's Dhimmitude to make money off a minority group? Is Walmart pandering to the Zionist cause by offering kosher items? (they sold kosher food items long before they got on the halal band wagon). Like it or not, Muslims are here to stay and our numbers will only get larger and our influence on local, state and national politics will also grow. Dito in Europe. Get used to it.

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