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February 03, 2008


Always On Watch

My mother used to raise Staffordshire Bull Terriers, so I have a particular soft spot for that breed.

Muslims despise dogs like no other tribe. And Muslims abuse dogs too. Right there, I've lost confidence in Muslims.

Philip Saenz

Evil Muslims have always been violent people. So you can expect them to breed dogs for dog fighting. It seems that violence is the sacrament of the evil Muslims, the Children of Satan.


I have always had staffies. I have never had a nasty or unsociable dog.
I have moved to the outskirts of a city. I am apalled at the attitude of the local "Muslims" "Asians" "pakis" I know not what they preferred to be called?.
When they see my dog Why on earth do these poeple see my dog as a fighter? is it because they breed them for this purpose??? Im am now afraid to leave my dog unattended for a second for the fear of having him stolen or abused..... i prior to this had no reason to be racist! I am now!!!!!!


You need to be very careful with your little Staffie - there are people who will steal it and place him into a dogfighting ring- that is why they are "eyeing" the dog. Please do not leave the dog unattended at any time. I have known people who have had their dogs stolen from 6' fenced yards and enclosed porches - Please be careful!!




A radio broadcast that shows that it is mainly a Muslim male occupation.

The RSPCA inspector makes no bones about the statistics.


this is definetly a site where people can practise racism, ignorance , secularism and of course HATE..this is ALL against the teachings of the Prophet JESUS (peace be upon him)...well firstly can i just say, there are black sheep amongst EVERY COMMUNITY...Lets see - what was hitlers background again??!! 6 million jews he slaughtered, amongst others...but you cant blame christianity for that now can you??!!
these so called 'muslims' that area abusing dogs - they ARE NOT MUSLIMS!! real muslims , are the ones that follow the Qur'an and accept that everything in this world belongs to Allah (God) - SO HOW CAN THEY HARM ANYTHING, EVEN DOGS??!!
These criminals are giving Islam a bad name again...its a shame thta these small minority are eaffecting the reputation of the majority..lets also remember that there are many non muslims who also unfortunately are cruel to dogs as well as other animals...but its not made into such a big issue...
if you want to blame those individuals for what they have done, then blame them ONLY, not the religion!! read the Qur'an and see for yourself what it says in there and you will cme to know, that these individuals have acted outside of their faith. BUT TRUE MUSLIMS,ARE NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL..
Here is an example:

imagine a well reliable car - lets say an audi and its been road tested etc(for a example)...well, then the driver ends up having a car crash in the audi. do you blame the driver or the car? well, the driver of course!! the car is reliable and if the driver decides to completely drive recklessly or does not adhere to the etiquettes of safe driving - then of course you will have a result which is against to what the car was meant for in the first place...
think and think again, lets not be so ignorant..
read the Qur'an and find out what Islam is all about..After 9/11 more than 34000 people in America, Uk AND Europe embraced Islam..why??? becuase they found out what the religion is about - they didnt become muslim because of the people - but of the religion.. islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today and many from USA AND UK - two thirds are women..(and the common misconception is that islam has no rights for women?!!!) - then why do these well educated, independent women choose to be muslim??...ask yourself - and be open minded enough to find out for yourself what the truth is..what do u have to lose?? stop spreading hate and lets make peace in a world we all have to share and protect.

take care all


stop assuming and find out - hard facts please.. u have a problem with some one or something - then go to the root and whne you go to the root - if it doesnt agree with the Qur'an then dont blame the religion, blame the there no common sense left in the world?? or has ignorance really prevailed..
does nobody believe in peace??

take care all


lee - you so proudly say your a racist - is that who you are, a racist? do you have belief in a religion? - if so, i hardly doubt your religion is with you on racism...
i cant go around blaming a 'religion' for your views now can i?? it doesnt make any sense..if you choose tobe a racist or whatever..i doubt religion has anything to do with it...infact - its the complete opposite..why dont you go and find out what ISLAM is all about..why dont you all instead of sitting here, wasting time,electricity and talking about things which you ahve no knowledge?! its easy to spread lies and be cruel...but when it comes to do the good thing, the right thing - very few will actually think of doing it..
if u wanna waste your time, talking absolute nonsense - then please carry on...but the ones who dare to go and find out the truth for themselves..well thats how it should be.

take care all


peace1 - in all your self-righteousness about your islam you seem to forget one crucial thing ...
Christianity is the mainreligion of this country and it is Christianity that people should be seeking
Jesus Christ was not just a prophet but the Son of God and your dogmatic opinion that islam is the way is TYPICAL ARROGANCE that all muslims portray

As to people turning to islam in USA and UK means and proves nothing, except to show that a ridiculous cult or doctrine can entice plenty of fools

have a nice day :-)


peace1 - back on the topic of this blog - it is truly no surprise that muslims are the main instigators of dog fighting.
It is proven all over the world that muslims have an atrocious appetite for violence. When there is no-one else to kill they kill each other. As for the women of the west turning to islam, that is akin to lambs joining up for the local fox club.
The quran states that a man's word is worth 2 women's words and that a man should beat his wife whenever he deems fit.
Wow, what a wonderful religion to embrace by women, and as you say, moronic women in the west are indeed jumping like lemmings into the snare of islam.

Friendly Chingiz

It clear to see that the anti-Islamic/Muslim sentiments greatly increased with the 9/11 fraud. As its becoming apparent that 9/11 was an inside job alot of the original reasons for hating Muslims have mainly dissolved. With sites like providing proof to the contrary. As for Bad Muslims there are bad Christians too(e.g politicians- Tens of thousands innocent people massacred in illegal wars) As most people in the west are decent so are most muslims too. Its people like you and the handful of so-called 'Muslim' nutters who are on the extreme edge. If Islam is embraced by most British people then it will be on their terms and not by some compulsion from outside.

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