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January 01, 2008


William Humbold III

Avoid a gordon sanitaire for Europe - vote YES to Free Europe Constitution at!

John Sobieski

The only imposition I supported were seatbelt laws. I thought this was a good idea and said to those opposed that it would not become a slippery slope. But when they started smoking bans, I saw that as a slippery slope with many obvious 'next steps' to protect 'us from ourselves.' Indeed it has been a long slide into a complete nannystate where the individual loses all his personal freedom.


I agree with the comments from both William & John - the "slippery slope" has become glazed over with ice - cameras used to speed check drivers are now going to be used to see if you are smoking, eating an apple, talking on you cellphone, etc. -so that the police can penalise the "offenders" - That is Big Brother 1984 to a T. The EU will only bring more such "monitors" of people as their power is becoming all consuming and you can bet that soon anyone that disagrees with the EUocrats will be violating an EU law & subsequently punished/silenced.

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