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November 29, 2007



A "Sudanese official"?

Stats will show that Sudan has population around 39,379,358, yet only has a Christian population of 5%.

65% are identified as Islamic, 2% Shaia, 73% of the population however are Muslims.

But it's intresting to note about missings percentiles (only 72% of the populance is accounted for, unless the missing 28% are non-muslims and or women, since they don't count in the Islamic world.)

Here's the doozy.. 98% of Sudan is Muslim....

Yeah the numbers look suspicious, but look em up.

This poor women is screwed, and will get lashed, and most likely killed because of where she is and what religious title she has.

After this blows over, the rest of the "concerned" world will forget about this, and continue to apologize for Islam.... That is, until the next incodent involving an inanament object.


If the West is a civilised as we would so like to boast about, regardless if this is a teddy or not, then we should be doing something instead of blogging and observing. Actions speak louder than words, and Islam defineatly has the upperhand.

The only thing these savages understand is brute force.

The mere fact a child makes claim to naming the teddy after himself, should prove this womans innocence. I'm sure there's a Muslim spin on that one...

After all she a Christian, and he a muslim.

Chrisitans are evil don't ya know?

Poor young niave child, I hope what-ever this woman taught you, sticks with you when you are praying 5 times a day to Allah, and memorizing death passages from the Quaran.

Chrisitans have no place in Islamic countries, period. Despite how good the intentions are.

One only go back this summer in reagads to the Korean Christians who were kidnapped, and 2 killed?

Yeah... What was done for them other than negotiating with terrorists and letting them kill a couple?

Oh that's right the Taliban/Islamic nutjobs let them go, must be a sign of goodwill....

I found more stories in regards to more islamic nutjobs kidnapping prior to 9/11, and I'm sure it goes further than that, I know it goes further than that considering I have worked and talked with Sudanese Christians who left Sudan because of Muslim genocide.

Man you should hear them voice their opinions on that subject matter.

Anywho, I seem to be hording your blogs lately, I apologize.

PS, didn't want to use the word "hijack" simply because I work with box cutters all day ;)

I'm white I swear!


No worries - I (& other readers) appreciate your comments. I feel very strongly that blogs will/do play a large role in "waking up" the Western world to the Religion of Peace. The more the better. The days for action WILL come.

I also find the silence, on this Teddy Bear Travesty, by the leaders of the UK & USA (& others)DEAFENING. They must have too much oil in their eyes to see what is happening. It is truly amazing that post 9/11 and 7/7 political correctness would dictate the treatment of and obscure the threat of muslims/Islam.

But then again - now that I know you have a box cutter - I'll be more careful LOL!!


6th century civilization is about as far as this culture will achieve.

Mike Tonge

Why not tell the Sudanese people and government your feelings about this?

You can email the Sudanese Parliament:,
or leave your comments on the Sudan Forum:

Remember; do not insult Allah, or in any way defame the Muslim Faith. ; )

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