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November 23, 2007



Islam is too inane to be believed.

Philip Saenz

To think what that evil false prophet Muhammad has introduced to the world! Since 9/11 I have studied the evils of Islam and Muhammad. The following is what I have learned about the false-prophet Muhammad after reading the historical documents of Islam. Muhammad was all of the following and this is something that the followers of Muhammad must admit to. Muhammad was cruel, a wife-beater, a slave owner, full of lust, an addicted sex pervert, piggish, corrupt, violent, loathsome, wicked, unforgiving, a sex fiend, selfish, a hypocrite, arrogant, mentally deranged, overbearing, psychopathic, a narcissist, vindictive. Muhammad beheaded his opponents for the slightest provocations. Muhammad was also a liar, deceptive, a murderer, contradictory, brutal, a torturer, disrespectful and chauvinistic. Muhammad taught that women are inferior in character, and he treated them like trash. Muhammad taught that most people who go to hell are women. Muhammad was also unmerciful, belligerent, abnormal, incestuous and envious. Muhammad married his son's wife. Muhammad was greedy, would confiscate one-fifth of war booty for himself, and the rest would go to his large, wicked army. Furthermore, Muhammad was mentally defective, a woman beater, diabolical, unjustly aggressive, uncontrolled, had an insatiable sexual appetite, a whoremonger, raped slave girls, an adulterer, polygamist, had at least nine wives and two concubines. The criminal Muhammad married little Aisha when the innocent child was barely six years old, and then at the age of 54, he brutally raped little Aisha when she was barely nine years old.


You got it Philip. I wonder why no one asks all those 'moderates', or 'peaceful ones' how they could follow such a creep.

When more of us start realizing that islam is a political movement that uses religion as a front and god as a weapon - we will start on the road of self-preservation, and more importantly the preservation of our children and children's children.

Westerners are just unable to fathom that a religion could be as islam is. And so many still give the excuse that there are so many good muslims. Well, good muslims don't allow the murder of people for doing nothing. Those 'good' people populate an area and the radicals are close behind them - in every, single place that muslims inhabit around this globe.

islam doesn't teach the 10 commandments - it teaches that it is ok to have 4 wives, beat them, to cut up a woman's clitoris, to stone them, to torture and murder people, and do basically anything under the guise of 'honor killing'. It is a 'religion' that breeds pshychopaths. And the only great sin in islam is 'shirk'. Murder, torture and mayhem are ok - just don't 'shirk'.


Just like I've been saying, they're like crabgrass, and they're gonna take over the lawn if we don't do something about it.


what do you expect from this barbaric cult


the first person who has rote a terrible, disgusting and most important FALSE description of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) should do a bit more research and actually find out who he was because that is total unacceptable how dare you even speak about the beloved prophet in such a manner how dare you to tell you the truth whoever wrote that will get the biggest punishment of life an regretful one take this into account.........and to all who are reading this do your research properly go to RELIABLE resources before you go to resources which display FALSE information and whoever made this site i hope you get the biggest punichment of life well in fact theres not much point in hoping because there is no need when it is going to happen..........the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is known as the beloeved prophet of Allah for a reason NOT FOR THE FUN OF IT you do your research properly and put TRUE facts on here.......and one last message everything in the Quran the Holy Book is coming true and this was written thousands of years ago for and example muslims will be hated and i think you can all agree with that and there are facts and reasons needed to be learnt from that SO NEXT TIME YOU GO AND WRITE A FALSE STATEMENT AGAINST THE PROPHET THINK AGAIN!!!! AND MR 'I THINK I KNOW IT ALL IVE DONE SOME RESEARCH AND MR HOW CAN THEY FOLLOW A CREEP' what you have written is false every religion has good and bad people it all depends on yourself just the way you are a bad person of your religion talking about somebody eles religion in a bad and incorrect format!!!!!!

i would like to ask you the question 'DOES YOUR RELIGION TEACH YOU TO BE RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TOWARDS OTHERS RELIGION??' ill tell you one thing ISLAM MEANS PEACE and always will we only fight when you have pushed our limits not unnecceccarily like George Bush how much devastation did he cause but nobody takes that into account BUT if it was a muslim it would be repeated talked upon every single day but then again thats life for you people like you are just jeolous of the respect islam gets!!!


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If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

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