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November 22, 2007


Lynne from Calgary

This is ridiculous, but sadly, not abating anytime soon. Perhaps the only defence of democacy and equality that works for ALL is to have women in knee-length skirts, gay men and lesbians, and Christians and Jews apply for jobs at Muslim-owned
businesses. It would be interesting how any complaints by these groups would be addressed!


the only way we can defeat islamic suppremacism and their leftist collaborators
is if Christians mobolize themselves with the Cross a
say NO to all of this nonsense! Christians are stupid, greedy, materialistic, ignorant and naive and that is why muslims and godless leftists are pushing us around.

Paul Troon

What amazes me about this story is not the clothing issue. Has no one considered that hiring muslins as security screener s for the airlines is STUPIDITY! I am willing to bet the next plane to be bombed in flight will originate from Pearson International Airport. And I will bet you that Halima Muse will have worked as a screener.

If you are going to hire Muslims to provide security from Muslim terrorists, you might as well have NO security or screening. Look up the principal of "Al-Takeyya" which means that it is acceptable to lie in the furtherance of Islam.

How can anyone who knows anything about islam and muslins believe their oath to protect the public with such a doctrine??

People will die from this decision!


Heh, Toronto eh?

Don't even get me started on my former stomping grounds.

Halal conversion in Bramladesh (Brampton), Islamification in Mississhrilanka (Mississauga), muslim commune by Canada's Wonderland, 17 terror "suspects" arested in Ontario, that was last summer.

Yeah... I can't say I miss that assbackwards dhimmi province.

My fellow Calgarian is in for a shock when the immigration goes wild here.

You ain't seen nothing yet ;)

Already talks of a Islamic community only in the outskirts of the city.

It's funny, been here a year, and it seems the clock has rolled back about 20 years.

Watching it all unfold again.

Seen some intresting kill the white man graffiti at an all philipino kfc here. That was last oct, and this jan.

I should see if it's still there. Get a picture.

But that's not the only place too.

They's be getting a little bolder I tells ya, get yer hockey sticks, puck, net, block off the streets because every night will be hockey night in canada if they continue pushing on.

Oh, for the most part us canuckers will bow down to their demands, until they get to our beer and bacon.

Nobody messes with our lifeblood ;)

Nisse Humanist

Everyone that is prepared to die for your religion: Please die now!!


Shame on Canada and Toronto for bowing to Islamic slime. Politicians in my country, India, have sold out to Islamic slimes already. It is a shame that Canada and other western nations are suffering from the same dhimmitude. Is'nt it time to hit back and flush this slime down the toilet?


Indian Tiger:

For the most parts Canadians could give two whoops about politics unless it's something that directly affects them.

Most people move away from the problems. I call it the George Foreman syndrome... Set it, and forget it ;)


Hell! This is all too easy, I'm converting...


I am wondering why its so easy for people to forget the human rights code that equalizes.

I am saying to rascists and people suffering from Islamphobia and other forms of descriminatory diseases... accept it! we are here to stay and guess what, each Muslim will have lots and lots of kids and before you know it, you will be overtaken by little halimas and mohameds.

Step back for a minute and stop bullying and descriminating against others. Accept that we are all equal and that treatment should be equal too!


Threatening to procreate us into oblivion isn't bullying or promoting equality?? - you sound like you are suffering from Western Culturophobia. Wake up and open your eyes to the modern Western world that has thrived because of our freedoms --- NO Sharia law and medieval Islamic customs needed or wanted here.


descriminatory diseases..


Muslims suffer from alot of those 'illness's' you speak of.

Shall we play? I'm pretty fiesty right now and feel like pushing one of you to your limits. Not that that's a difficult thing to do, I just have to be a Kaffir!

Looks like you'd be to easy though. I'd much rather deal with someone a little more intelligent, but I haven't seen much intelligence coming from Islam, so I guess you'll have to do.

After WW2 we all settled in with each other, even our former enemies (you know, the Nazis, the guys you are emulating.... So you can shove you phobias up your unwashed hinny.

Your religion tightens any grip you have on free thought, or peace.

Islamiphobia.... When you (islam, a philosophy, a bad one at that too) are a race, you might have something, but I am making it clear, we are not afraid of Islam or Jihadis.

Keep pushing us with your babaric idiologies, and we'll put you in your place faster than you can say Allah Ackbar.

Mark my words on that.

Haider Basravi

Has anyone who's hating on muslims ever considered that Mohammad may have really been humanity's last divine messenger? Or is that idea too vast to ponder?

Why is it that the enormous number of muslims in the world is always likened to infestation and bacterial multiplication? Perhaps the enormous number of muslims is because people from all cultures and walks of life really believe in Islam when they find out what its really about.

If I was to tell a Christian that Jesus was a Muslim and so was Moses and Abraham, they would say "no" because they think Islam as being a brown bearded guy. But if they really knew the meaning of Islam, then they would never doubt that Jesus was a muslim in the true sense.

People always talk about Islam like its "the other" without once thinking that they themselves hold dear values that are Islamic.

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