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September 15, 2007


terence oakes

Sorry but these people need to return to the desert / they can look after each other their/ take the oil with them // we will find away forward

terence oakes

Sorry but these people need to return to the desert / they can look after each other their/ take the oil with them // we will find away forward

terence oakes

Sorry but these people need to return to the desert / they can look after each other their/ take the oil with them // we will find away forward

terence oakes

Sorry but these people need to return to the desert / they can look after each other their/ take the oil with them // we will find away forward


Muslims obviously do not belong in non-Islamic countries.

Puneet Madaan

Had you checked Cairo-Human-Right-convention ?

they never considered us Human... why you expected that ?

Jew the Destroyer

This should not be allowed, Jewish doctors do not seek to actively promote "Jewish ideals" nor do they only seek to treat Jewish patients. I hope there will be a big outcry over this; but I suppose there won't be, in 5 years Britain will be under Sharia law, and then all the dhimmis will have to seek treatment elsewhere. Good luck to you all.


Nice work by BMA and British govt for allowing such scum to practice medicine in UK! Imagine the howls from Human Rights industry and violent protests from the people of "peaceful religion" if BMA said its charter was to promote the health and well being of Christians (or other non-Muslims). Practicing medicine in Britain exclusively for Muslims? Come on Brits, have you lost all sense of pride and fairness and allowed these morons to carry on? Ship them back to their sharia hell holes where they can exclusively serve Muslims.


This declaration makes it obvious that any member of the MDDA is in clear conflict with the oath every doctor takes to obtain a license. Therefore it shd be a relatively simple task to identify MDDA members and strip them of their medical/dental licenses.

BTW, has no-one in hospital administration considered the staggering legal exposure they will suffer once any MDDA member loses a non-Muslim patient? "Ladies and gentleman of the jury, the hospital knowingly employed as a doctor a man who was a proud member of a group that openly declared it cared only for the health of muslims...and now samuel goldberg is dead, after being treated for pneumonia with a baking soda paste..."

A few gigantic damage awards and they will be hearing the crickets chirping in the MDDA recruitment offices...


Hey Brits wake up !!! Your end is near if you don't wake up and send these morons a-packin' with ONE WAY TICKETS back to their islamic morass .

These Docs may already be intentionally doing harm to infidel patients , or Kuffar ,as they call them /us /you /me .

At any rate , if they do win over there , you are cordially invited to come here , I'm locked and loaded , and you'll have nothing to fear in Fla-U.S.A.

Trust me mates .


Bottom line people , Islam is a religious supremacist CULT // no I take that back Islam is not a CULT ...IT IS A PSYCHOSIS .
The blood of non-muslims is cheap , we are cattle to muslims .
This is what they say behind your back after you pass them on the street ....after they give you their phony smile ....the practice TAQIYYA ....look it up .

Good luck mates , me heart is with you all .
The time is later than we all think , the time for talk will soon be over [actually as for them ,it already is ] .


The British are already leaning well over the abyss of no return. Once the curve breaks, which will be within the next generation, those Brits who can will move to the US or Australia or NZ or Canada, and the United Islamic Kingdom´s citizenry will turn its evil face toward the East. France, Belgium, Germany - and look what´s even happening in Norway and Denmark for cryin´out loud. Well, there´s about five nations that have the ba··s to kick Islamic as· -America, Australia, New Zealand, China and Russia. Europe...say goodnight. Britain, you´re pathetic.


honor killings , women wearing hajibs , rise in anti-semitism , intolerance of any criticism , demands that alien customs be adopted by local indigents , institutions catering to needd of immigrants who refuse to assimulate into the society that they are the guests of ,.....these are the symptoms of muslim infestation .

The cure :



As an Australian I'm very worried about the march of Islam in our country and the rest of th world. People keep going on about terrorism, to tell the truth that is not such a big worry. You can fight against outright acts of aggression, what is a bigger threat is the promotion of Islamic values and the political encrouchment of these values and the way people are gradually silenced for objecting to the point where you can only say things in favor of Islam or your a criminal at worst......and totally ignored at the best.

The refusal of western governments to oppose Islamic values outright.....has caused me to totally support countries like Russia and China to which I had held in contempt for their own inhuman practices. But I cheer them for one thing....kicking muslim arse.....Go the lessor of two evils. Long Live the Lessor of Two Evils. Go Russia, Go China. Lets fact it......I'd rather live in China at it's worst, or Russia at it's worst, then Iran at it's best. I think the religion of Islam should be condemmed along with the likes of the Nazi parties......worldwide.....and banned.....and a death sentence mandated for all members of this death cult. Wipe it off the face of the earth forever.....and have no mercy whatsoever for it's followers.

Proud to be a Muslim

You're all ridiculous in your statements!
You want to convince yourselves that we muslims are diabolic, you must be so ignorant to still think like that ....
There are 1.2 billions of muslim in the world and because of few dangerous terrorists you consider all muslims as terrorist...

now let see it this way:
1-As an answer to the Australian person who seems worried about Islam:
How do you consider what your ancestors have done to the native aborigenes in australia?
wasn't it slavery, genocide, racism, rapes, massacres ...?or may be your divine right to dominate other cultures?
Yet, should the whole world consider australians as terrorists? NO.

Your problem is that you think you have the right to everything,and any people that is different than you should be at your service. along the history you did that with black people, asian,jewish, communists and obevisouly native australians, and now muslims....
the only difference: muslims won't let you mess up with them and this make you frustrated.
NEVER EVER will you eradicate muslims like you did with native australians!Never!

Your only solutions is to accept that people are not forced to copy you 100% in your culture and religion.

Many australians complaint about their government,some australians are jewish, buddhist, atheist, gays, lesbian, are they banned from australia? does that make them terrorist? NO
So then , let's ban every australian from australia...
come on! don't be so stupid!

there are stupid people everywhere in the world, that's it!

2-As for the claim that muslim doctors promote health among muslims only:

What is the purpose of the women right association? isn't it to promote women's rights?YES

Then does that mean that women don't care about British people? NO...

What about Christian, Jewish assocations, gays and lesbian associations?
aren't they all preaching for their own cause? does that make them ignoring British people or whoeverelse? NO

Would a lesbian association promote animal rights or whoever ? NO..I mean don't be that stupid!

You guys are so conditioned .....

Look at the christian history, every country that got colonized by chritianism was colonized by force, massacre, slavery
example: latine america, australia, america, africa, all these peole lost their native language as they were obliged to learn english or they would get killed!! and thousends of them got !!!

so stop judging muslim every time they happen to do something, all you'd like to see is them being killed or reduced to an indigenous way of life like you did to native australians!

This will never ever happen!! whether you like it or not!
Simply because we MUSLIMS are not stupid, and we have the right to develop ourselves as well as any other christian, jewish, buddhist, gay , lesbian or whoever whether this please you or not!

The world is changing, you used to colonize our countries and reduce us to misery and poverty, for centuries in every country you colonized, you pumped their resources and left them in misery and dictature.
now poverty is gaining developped countries, you thought you'd be eternally arrogant and dominate over other cultures and religions...guess what...your turn will come sooner than you can imagine.
Economic recession is gaining all developped countries, time has come to pay decades of arrogance!
you hardly feel the beginning of misery that you have already put the blame on others, Muslims.
But you have to know that what is happening is the result of decades of unethical and capitalist behaviours from the politics...same as teh world war 1 and 2, cold war, korea war, japan war, vietnam war, gulf war etc...when devlopped countries struggle they mind you against foreigners so they can protect their money while you stupid conditioned people accept to got o war!

Open your mind!

muslims countries are poor for the majority. they ride camels and donkeys, do you really think they will invade you with camels and donkeys?
they have no technology at all!
don't you see how your government are using propaganda?

you stupid people! go to the war!, once you lose your legs, your arms, and back in your country with no national honors , seeing your neighbours ignoring you because of your handicap, then may be you'll start to think how you got screwed up by your own country rather than by any muslim or whoever.

As for the guy who expressed his desire to wipe us out of the Earth:
Why don't you enroll in the army and go to Iraq or Afghanistan? I am sure you'll get some muslim to wipe out over there...unless you're one of those racist co..rd who encourage racism from his living room.


It will be much better for people who cretised Muslims and Islam to read about Islam with an open mind. Islam is not responsible for World War 1 or 11. Islam did not promote the descrimination based on colour or origin as we can still see these days. Islam is not responsible for the ethnic cleansing in Kososve or Bosnia. Islam or any other religion has nothing to do with creminal behaviour. It is the creminals who try to glorify and explain their idiotic behaviour on basis of religion. I can also see that some of the postings in here promot the Nazi behaviour of (send them back, one way ticket) If you realy are worried about the freedom and human dignity you should examine your motives and your language and debate in a better way.


You idiot "proud to be muslim" You should be called proud to be an idiot. Every point you raised can be ripped to pieces - you are a threat, and you represent a real and significant danger to our societies. Well, we shall be coming for you soon enough.

Vivi Andersen

Proud to be a Muslim.

Do you remember "Bagdad Bob", the prototype of a muslim ?

Proud to be a Dane.


Dear "Proud to be a Muslim".

You are quite right about Moslems and Terrorism. SInce 9/11 there have been about 13000 terror attacks carried out by Moslems (often, let it be said, on Moslems).
Given 1.2 Billion Muslims, that means that about 0.001% of all Moslems are terrorists.
(I say this on the basis that every suicide bombing etc requires one perpetratorat least.)
There is one other point however: it is only Moslems who are involved in internationalterror. Hideous as the treatment of the Aborigines was, it was internal to that Country
(and it has some uncomfortable parallels with the treatment of non-Muslims in MoslemCountries).
(Emphasis yours.)
Hmmm... Let's not start with the Crusades, or if you must, let's go back a bit further and remember that Islam violently overthrew the Christian countries of the
Middle East and North Africa, or how about the 'Crusades' (You call them "Jihads" don't you?) Islam launched against the Mediteranian and Eastern Europe?
In more modern times, lets also see ...
1.2 Million Armenians (mostly women and children) killed by the Ottomans. Granted, most of them died of exposure, starvation etc on "the long march", but the
Ottomans were still responsible.
2 million non-Muslims died in Southern Sudan at the hands of the (Moslem) Janjuweedmilitia and Sudanese Government troops.
Again I'll grant that another 200K moslems (of the wrong 'type', i.e. non-Arab) have been killed by the same forces in Dafur.
I could go on, but again to be fair, other examples would be small fry in comparison.

Interesting too that you mention slavery ... Moslems started the African slave trade (many Arabs still call Africans "Abeed" = slave) centuries before we dreadful Westerners got in on the act.
Again, I will admit that we treated them dreadfully - as did you, castrating African males so they could act as Hareem guards for the Moslem Nobles.
One difference is that the dreadful West banned slavery a Century ago, but it is still practiced within Moslem Countries - eg. Sudan.

The point about Doctors and Dentists is that they should be committed to the health of all people regardless of their sex, colour, religion or creed.
Thus a statement aiming to promote "the good health of Muslims" at least sounds prejudicial.
The problems for women in getting health care in Taliban controlled Afghanistan and in Iran have been well documented, so how unreasonable is it to worry that non-Muslims (who count
for far less than even Moslem women in Islamic thinking) will get "first-rate" treatment?

And finally - you rant about the future. Here you give vent to your own bigotry, envy and desire for revenge on the West whom you blame for all your woes.
Frankly, I understand your view. It must be very hard to swallow the fact that most of the Islamic World is poor, weak and undeveloped. Especially when at one time the Islamic World led all
others and given that your religion teaches you that you are "the finest of all people", superior to the rest of us.
But what went wrong? You were pre-eminent, how did it all slip away?
Islamic progress stopped at about the point your Muftis closed the door to ijtahid (that is the Religious/legal authorities banned free-thinking).
that ossification of your society and its thinking let Europeans reach the renaissance and the Industrial Revolution first.
In other words - you did it to yourselves!

I don't think that anyone said Islam was responsible for either World war. Where did you get that idea? That was just "good 'ol politics" in the case of the first and Hitler in the case of the second.
I also agree that ethnic cleansing in the Baltics started with the Serbs (Though may I remind you that it was Western "Christian" forces that intervened on the side of the Moslems and defeated
"Christian" Serbia. More recently, however, Serbs and Croatians have been 'ethnically cleansed' from both those Countries, at least in part).
BTW, can you think of ONE example where Moslem forces have intervened FOR non-Moslems and AGAINST your fellow Moslems? Or would that be against the dictats of your religion?
Your point about 'criminal behaviour' is well taken - it just depends on what is defined as criminal.

Where I do agree with you however, is that in the modern world the "send them all home" approach is ludicrous. That is not a practicable solution.


Sorry, I forgot something, "Proud to be Muslim":
Going back to the Doctors thing, what business do medical professionals have promoting ANY religion?
BTW: I do wonder what would happen to a Christian Medical organisation that had as a stated aim the "Promotion of CHRISTIANITY" within a Muslim Country?
Let me think a moment... in some Islamic Countries trying to convert Muslims to another faith carries the death-penalty - might that be a clue?


NOTE UPDATED LINK to UK Muslim Association Constitution:


Racist fools!

Account Deleted

jcomerford: Muslims like 'proud to be' have used this argument extensively and, as in everything they proclaim, it is historically false!

The claim that the Catholic Church initiated murder & mayhem through the Crusades is just false. At the time, just prior to the Enlightenment, the Catholic Church proclaimed itself authority over man & government.

The Nobles who owned much of the land in the duchies of Europe at that time, were charged with defending both town & God. The serfs who farmed their land & lived on it were exempt.

The Nobles had to also finance any war of defense or offense. Mercenaries were often employed by the Nobles as their soldiers. The soldiers had to be paid or else, so the Nobles borrowed heavily from merchants & craftsmen, of whom many were Jews.

These Jews forgave debts in return for special favors, such as the right to vote & form trade unions. Also, land belonging to the Nobles was signed over to their creditors, the Jews, because the Nobles were broke. They had to go to war in the Holy Land per the Pope.

You correctly wrote that Muslims began it all by conquering Christian lands around the Mediterranean. Most of the mayhem, and especially the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews, happened at the hands of the paid mercenaries. The Catholic Church only wanted the Holy Lands restored. It never ordered or condoned any deviation from this goal.

As usual, the Muslims lie when & where it suits them best! And they lie so much & so often, they grow to believing their own lies!!!

P.S. King Henry VIII did not like the Pope, as you already know. You are an intelligent person. I aspire to be one...


I am a native Australian you stupid muslim arse wipe. And we never got wiped out, and what you overseas people hear about white Australians in this regard is total rubbish. And if we want to live as we did 500 years ago, we can. Compare that to how Islam has wiped out every trace of original religion and culture that it could in every country it dominated. If you lot had of came to Australia and took over, our women would be all in burkas and our men would be dead.


Oh, and by the way, I didn't say wipe muslims off the earth, I said wipe Islam off the earth, in other words, you have a choice. Now does that sound familiar to you....mmmmm....seems like your Koran and ahadith says pretty much that exact same thing about non muslims. Care to take back your accusations about being racist. What race is the religion of Islam again? Accusations of racism are just standard cards to play nowdays and are mostly complete fall completely on your face when you call a black guy a racist assuming he is white.

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